What is Hemp Oil Good For

Over the past few years, there has been a lot of confusion around hemp. Many people are of the belief that hemp and marijuana are basically the same things, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Hemp is one of eight varieties of the cannabis plant. Hemp plants contain less than 0.3% of THC, which is a very low amount compared to most marijuana plants that have anywhere from 0.5-33% THC.

The THC, tetrahydrocannabinol, is what gives people the “high” feeling, so when people realized it was a close relative to the marijuana plant, they banned people from growing it in most areas of the country.

However, because the government was so quick to put a harsh label on marijuana and even hemp simply because it was a similar plant, they clearly missed the many crucial benefits that hemp has to offer. So what is hemp oil good for?

Helps Improve the Skin

You might have heard that hemp is used to make rope and other important fabrics such as clothing and shoes. What most people don’t know is that hemp oil is actually great for your skin according to numerous studies.

Hemp oil is really rich with nutrients and filled with antioxidants that help your skin look more full and complete. Not only does applying it to your skin provide plenty of moisture, but it also does everything it can to keep your skin moisturized at all times without drying out your skin. This is important because most moisturizing products cause dry-skin which will actually produce more oily skin lol.

It is also known for it’s great “anti-aging” properties making you look much younger if your skin has some wrinkles or lines you’d like to get rid of. There are many factors that cause a person to “age”, and no hemp oil doesn’t stop people from getting older, but what it does is speeds up the Collagen production which is protein naturally found in our bodies to help your skin look more “youthful”. The antioxidants also fight free radicals in the body from taking molecules from the skin making which starts to happen as we get older.

Good for the Body

One of the main compounds found in most hemp oil products is CBD. Now keep in mind CBD oil and hemp oil are different. Hemp oil comes from the hemp seeds from a hemp plant containing little to zero CBD but pretty much zero THC. Hemp oil can also come from the seeds from a cannabis-sativa plant, and it still will contain very little THC but will have more CBD in it.CBD oil comes directly from the stems and leaves of the cannabis plant, making it more likely to contain THC but still not enough to give you the “high effect”.

CBD and hemp oil are known for being a type of relaxing method and typically used for pain relief. Studies have shown that by putting this oil on your skin around areas of inflammation, can be very effective in soothing the pain and making the muscles less tense making it easier for someone who struggles with long recoveries after working out.

It’s also known for being great for the heart because it potentially reduces the risk of high blood pressure because of all the fatty acids found in hemp seeds.

Good for the Brain

Scientists have concluded that the very nutritious balance of fatty acids found in hemp seeds (Omega-3 and Omega-6) have proven to be great for the brain. Stress could be damaging your brain cells or it could be a mixture of that along with you not eating the most healthiest of foods out there.

Nevertheless, Omega-3 fatty acids help repair those brain cells making your brain much more clear and able to function more cognitively.

It’s also known for helping patients sleep better when either eating many whole hemp seeds or simply applying the oil on your skin.


Have you ever heard of the Endocannabinoid system? Lol and no it’s not some crazy made up term. The Endocannabinoid system is a biological system that is found in not only just humans, but its found in all mammals.

This is extremely important because this provides synergy throughout our bodies and our minds to help maintain homeostasis. Homeostasis is just the state of all of our organs, blood pressure, body temperature, etc all stay relatively normal under pressure situations.

Studies have shown that we actually have receptors in our minds and bodies naturally that respond to the THC and CBD found in marijuana and hemp. This is the reason people are able to get “high” or also just respond to these so-called drugs in such a positive and surprising manner because our bodies naturally seek the nutrients found in both hemp oil and cannabis.

15 thoughts on “What is Hemp Oil Good For

  1. Hemp oil is incredible and the benefits from these products are wonderful!

    Hemp is one of the finest products and has so many uses and I love the fact that it has helped me take a lot less medication and ever since I feel a whole lot better inside and out.

    This is such an informative post, thank you so much. Reassures me people are learning more about Hemp which is actually I life changing issue for humanity I believe.

  2. Man I didn’t even know about any of these benefits. Summing it up, it’s good for body, brain, and skin. Concerning the skin, I perceive that the main benefit is bringing plenty of moisture, and that’s really good.

    But I’d also like to ask: Aren’t there allergies associated with this oil? Do all skins benefit or do some react negatively?

    1. Hey Henry!

      Most people are unaware of just how valuable hemp oil actually is to our world. It literally is used in so many things! 

      As it pertains to your skin, everyone’s skin reacts differently. I suggest reading the product to see if you’re allergic to any of the minerals but other than that you should be fine(:

      Hope this helps! 

  3. I too was thinking hemp and marijuana are the same, thanks a lot for the eye-opener.

    The benefits of hemp oil are numerous and I believe it’s a gift of mother nature which should not be banned. Although there are many arguments and discussion about hemp whether it has medical qualities or not I personally believe this is a miracle plant. It saved and changed people life who are very close to me!

    Information on Endocannabinoid and homeostasis is new and helpful to me. Great information, you have really given a lot of value here and your article certainly made me think more on the subject.

    Will definitely be back!

    1. Hey Paul!

      Yeah even I thought they were the same thing at one point, lol I think it’s safe to say everyone has.

  4. About two months ago, a friend of mine suggested CBD oil for my pain.  I had been experiencing pain in my right shoulder and it was keeping me up at night.  Once I woke up, I would get acute bouts of anxiety and I would have trouble going back to sleep.  It wasn’t pretty at all.  My friend just kept telling me to try it, so I finally did.  Now, I would say it probably took about two-three weeks for it to start to work, but wow, let me tell you, the results are amazing.  My pain went away, I don’t have it at all.  I’m sleeping like a baby, right through the night, and my anxiety is gone.  I know it sounds too good to be true, but now that I’ve experienced these results, I would not want to go without it.

  5. I’ve always been curious about hemp oil and its benefits and happy I came across your article!

    After reading this you’ve peaked my curiosity into the Endocannabinoid system (wow what a word that is). It makes sense after your explanation about homeostasis. It’s amazing what you can learn!  

    I might look at adding this hemp oil into my diet and I love the fact that it’s organic. I imagine there’s a lot of this product on the market with some unwanted extras slipped in there.

    Do you know how much of this hemp oil is recommended to use each day/week? I would love your insight.

    Thanks again

  6. Firstly, I need to say that hemp oil seems to be great just like cbd oil too. Though I’m yet to try hemp oil but I have heard people saying how brilliant of a product it is and the fact that it has helped them a lot to limit their medication intake. To me, that’s a plus. Reading more about it here has really cleared my understanding well about how the product works. Thanks

  7. Hi Gabriel. I couldn’t agree with you more. My husband and I both take CBD oil to manage pain and have for almost 2 years. I just recently ordered some lip balm that contains Hemp Terpenes. I love how it feels on my lips and can’t wait to see if it gets rid of the dryness and cracking. I am actually starting to search for a good hemp oil based skin product as I am in that ‘getting older’ bracket.

    Thanks for sharing this great information, helping us all to be more aware.

    1. Hey Mary Ann!

      I’m glad you are seeing positive results! I believe in good time they will have even more choices and options available no matter what age bracket you’re in!

  8. I was using hemp oil for a while but didn’t see any changes ( maybe I just couldn’t notice them). After visiting my son overseas, I started to feel my face skin ( chin and around lips) became too dry. Should I put some hemp oil on these spots too or just my face?
    Your article impressed me, so I will start to use it again. And I will pay attention to my body’s changes. A lot of people think I look ten years younger than I am. Is it hemp’s doing? I want to believe in that but who knows we shall see.

    1. Hey!

      Yes if you start to feel your skin being dry anywhere around the face area it is safe to use hemp oil in those areas, however, I would consult with a doctor if you have any type of allergic reaction or you feel that it makes it worse.
      As for you not seeing results.. maybe you just didn’t use it long enough? It doesn’t work for everyone but I do know you have to sustain its use for a certain amount of time.

      I hope this helps!

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