What is an Oil Reclaimer

What is an Oil Reclaimer?

So I’m sure most of you out there have heard of the term “reclaim” when it comes to the remains of your essential oils and concentrates. And everyone knows that you can get reclaim out of your rig the old-fashioned way so what’s the point of an oil reclaimer? Well before we get to the benefits of it, first we need to know what it is.

So what is an oil reclaimer? An oil reclaimer is an attachment for your dab rig or vapor rig that helps you get back all the oils that would be gone and wasted after dabbing. It’s an attachment that goes with a glass adapter that holds all the essential oils left over in the bottom part of it and can easily be removed.

Benefits of an Oil Reclaimer

Yes, OBVIOUSLY the main purpose and benefit of oil reclaimers are to help reclaim your oils and concentrates better than the traditional lighter way. Lol but what if I told you it did more than that? They are actually in my opinion something everyone should have for a better dabbing experience.

Oil reclaimers are actually crucial to help to keep your dab rig clean. Even if you have no interest in using the reclaim once it’s out, it’s really important that you don’t allow the reclaim to continue to build up. This will lead to a clogged vapor rig and cause you to not get the full hit that you would get if the rig was cleaned out.




There are many oil reclaimers to choose from on the internet, so my advice to you is to stick with items that have at least a couple of good reviews on it. That way you know what you’re getting, and there is no disappointment. I think smokecartel and dankstop are good sites to check out if you’re interested in maybe getting one, and they have really good deals on other stuff to so check it out!

I hope this was helpful to you guys out there, if you liked it please leave your comments down below and let me know if you have any questions!

11 thoughts on “What is an Oil Reclaimer

  1. Dude another great article, you keep cranking them out!
    In this one I learned a thing or two.
    First you are right you want to keep your Dab ring clean! however I had never heard of an Oil Reclaimer!
    this makes so much sense and you get that oil back!
    Gonna have to check it out, thanks for the heads up!

  2. I never thought about this – loss of essential oils. I’m sure not only are they a valuable (in so many ways) resource that is lost in the process, but you’re right, they will absolutely help keep your rig much cleaner, leading to a better puff in the future!

    Is there a particular rig you recommend, or can you simply add an oil reclaimer to an existing water pipe?

    1. Yeah they can be very useful when it comes to preserving your concentrates. And yes you can add an oil reclaimer to any rig. 

      I personally like them all, but my favorite rig honestly is just a simple and plain rig with a quartz banger, They’re not expensive at all and you won’t be dissapointed once you try it! https://www.smokecartel.com/pr

      Hope this helps! Come back for more!

  3. I found this very interesting! I’m a smoker myself but have never dabbed before, unfortunately. This is really cool though, I had no idea these even existed! Do you find that the oil reclaimers “reclaim” a fair bit of oils or is it quite small quantities? Sounds like witchcraft lol. Keep up the good work 🙂

    1. Hey Rebecca!

      Yes in my experience oil reclaimers reclaim a lot more of the oil as opposed to when you reclaim without using a reclaimer. But it can be done. Let me know if You have any more questions!

  4. You know what’s funny – I’ve spent a lot of time with essential oils and I’ve never heard of an oil reclaimer. I’m glad I stumbled upon this article or else I’d probably never hear about their importance! Thanks so much for sharing – I’ll be passing this on to my sister (she smokes) and I’ll let her know that oil reclaimers are “crucial to help to keep your dab rig clean.” Thanks!

  5. oh wow this is really cool Gabriel.

    I have heard of oil reclaimers on a commercial scale but had no idea they were available for personal use too. It is a good idea to keep those things clean to get the most of them.

    And do you have links on smokecartel and dankstop that you recommended?

  6. Some interesting info! I had no idea what a oil reclaimer was until I read this article. It sounds like a great way to not waste any oils that you haven’t used. I’ve used essential oils for a while now and never used them with a dab rig before. Now I’m thinking it might be a great way to breath in some beneficial vapors!

  7. I have never heard of an Oil Reclaimer before until reading your reviews! Gabriel, you have always done a great job with your website and it’s fantastic to see you keep adding your content. You know I will be back to buy some of your stuff when I get paid and I am ready. Thanks again bro!

  8. Gabriel2338 – Very informative website. I am not an actual user but I do have plenty of people I know who do use all of these products. Your review and recommendations are well laid out and very nicely illustrated. I found a typo error on your ranking page under Dankstop who you Ranked #4 then later in the comments you refer to them as why you ranked them #5. Not nothing bad I can say pertaining to your site found it very nicely laid out and easy to navigate.

    1. Hey Susan!

      It’s always nice to know that even though some people that aren’t too familiar with the products on the site, they can still get a good understanding of how they work. Let me know if you or your friends have any questions!

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