What is an E Nail

What Is An E-Nail

This is the most unorthodox nails available in the market today, but it’s definitely the most effective. And now that the hype surrounding this new device has died down a bit, it’s a lot more affordable than it was when it first launched in the dabbing world. So what is an E-Nail? An E-Nail is a box-shaped device (usually comes in a kit with different parts) that uses electricity to vaporize your essentials oils and concentrates. It uses an electric nail heating coil,  which allows you to get a consistent temperature and not have to time it anymore.

The E-Nail kit consists of 4 parts: A PID Controller Box(for the temperature control), the electric nail coil heater, and one or 2 cords depending on which kit you get. Now I’m sure it sounds like a lot but in reality, its an easy setup trust me. And once you’ve had the pleasure of trying this out at least one time, you’ll see it’s all worth it, I just recently had the opportunity to try one of these out and I literally bought one a week later! Honestly its a night and day difference between this method and the common torch method but it’s mind-blowing because going in I thought it was just going to be a regular dab, nothing special, but it really is like taking a dab for the first time! What makes the E-Nail so unique is that it regulates the temperature each time you take a dab, giving you the best results for a number of reasons.



Benefits of E-Nails

So if you’re thinking of getting an E-Nail, there are a couple of things you have to look forward to. As you can see in the image above, this device will allow you to set the temperature to the optimal dabbing temp(720°F-900°F). Of course, every nail is different so you’ll eventually find the best temp that works for you but it’ll be somewhere in the optimal range and because it uses electricity which is much more user-friendly, you’ll be able to get that same temperature every time with the turn of a dial. Another thing to consider is the fact that if you’re ever having a bunch of people over. you wouldn’t have to keep setting it to the temp because once you do it once, it stays at that temperature as long as its on.

Other than it being convenient when you have many guests around, it’s always going to be ready and available for you to use because rather than having to make sure you have butane all the time, the only thing you need to have is a steady source of electricity. And I think we can all agree that finding an outlet is much easier than running to the store once you realize you don’t have enough butane, so in the long run, it’ll save you a lot of time and headache because what happens whits its 1 am and you’re out of butane? Most likely you’ll have to settle for waiting until the next day because most stores with butane aren’t always open.

Another great feature the E-Nail has it the ability to save you so much money! I mean just imagine how many cans of butane go through in a year… now think about if you need to get a replacement torch, which happens more often than you think. When you add up the yearly costs of butane and torches for your average everyday dabber, you’ll see that you waste ALOT of money on those things which even myself do because you had to, now you don’t have to anymore. Now you can just put your money upfront and get an E-Nail that will last you a long time, and stop making those tedious trips to the store for butane because without it you can’t do anything.



Why It’s Worth It

Whether we know it or not, when we buy something we always tend to want a good deal, no matter what it is. So when you look at the E-mail, think about everything you’re getting.

  1. Convenience- No more buying butane in the middle of the night, and all you need is a power outlet for this to work.
  2. Conserve More- With you being able to get the most optimal dab experience possible, this will result in you having to take fewer dabs to get the feeling you’re looking for.
  3. Save More Money(Long-Term)- As I said before with this device, you don’t use butane so all the money you constantly spend on cans of butane, you can go ahead and keep that extra money. Also no more torches!
  4. Better Flavoring- Now that you are not using a torch anymore, you can never overheat the nail which gives you that bad plastic taste and is much harsher on your lungs and throat.

At first glance, you would think that because this is such a great product and is so complex that it would be a tricky setup, but as a said at max its 3-4 parts which makes this extremely easy to setup. So when you factor all of those great features in, there’s really nothing about this device that should make you feel content about not having tried it. I mean it’s a lot more efficient than trying to heat up your nail with a torch and playing the waiting game, and you get the best possible dab at the most consistent rate. Click here to see pricing!




Any time you’ve used something multiple times and feel like you’ve got it down, sometimes it’s hard to imagine there’s a better way of doing things. This is definitely of those times, I remember thinking to myself “man I dabbed like 100 times I think I know what to expect”… wrong! I promise you once you try it, you’ll see it’s nothing like anything you’ve tried before!

I hope this post helps you guys in your search for your new E-Nail kit!

Please let me know down below if you have any questions or comments!

10 thoughts on “What is an E Nail

  1. This is an awesome post – very interesting and very helpful as I never knew what an e nail was before – now I do! The benefits you have outlined certainly make them worthwhile, are they difficult to get set up and working? Also roughly speaking what are the lowest priced options in your opinion?

    1. Hi Justin!

      I’m glad you were able to learn something new from this post! And to answer your question no they are not hard to setup at all, and honestly I think its easier than having to use a torch, all you do is plug it in.

      A couple of years ago and still today some Enail kits can go from 275 and up, but now the prices have gone down a bit so I’d say anywhere from $190-$270 is on the cheaper end of the scale depending on which kit you get.

      I hope this helps, feel free to check back in anytime!

  2. I haven’t seen these types of rigs till recently and I am shocked to see what sort of information I was able to find. As a patient, I love using nice size bongs and I can see the nail fits well with the piece. I love the contraption that comes with it to change the temperature! Wonderful article Gabriel.

    1. Hi Ryan!

      Yes these are pretty new in the market, only a few years old! Come back if you need some help picking one out!

  3. Did not even know what an E Nail was to be honest. Simplistic layout but full of information.
    My son would no doubt be able to let me know more about this sort of stuff.

    Like I said, easy to navigate, very informational, got your products all lined up.

    Well done and all the best 🙂

  4. An E-nail is something I have not considered and I am glad that you made this guide Gabriel! I see you are continuing to build this site out and for that, I want to congratulate you on continuing to make this site the best it can! Keep up the awesome work.

  5. Hey, I never knew this existed before the E nail kit definitely sounds way more convenient than torching. Also, it sounds less risky as a fire hazard. I think this product sounds very efficient and I definitely want to learn more about it. This post was definitely beneficial and informative.

  6. Hey, I didn’t even know this existed until now. The E Nail kit sounds very promising and efficient. Also, it sounds way better than torching which sounds like a bit of a fire hazard and even can cause health challenges. This post was definitely beneficial and informative, this product sounds very convenient. I definitely want to learn more. Thanks for sharing Gabriel

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