What is a Recycler Bong

What is a Recycler Bong

So with all the new modifications and different tobacco/cannabis products constantly coming out sometimes, it’s easy to get confused on what is what, especially when it comes to bubblers and recyclers. So what is a recycler bong? A Recycler is a different type of water pipe that filters or “recycle” the smoke through the first and the second chambers. This high level of filtration happens multiple times throughout your hit, giving you the ultimate smoking experience.

Now there are 4 parts to a Recycler. This includes the intake, the first chamber, the second chamber, and the drain. As your hitting the Recycler, the smoke is constantly being filtered through the chambers in a circular motion, allowing you to get a really nice and smooth hit. In fact, because there’s so much filtration, you can actually take a much larger hit than usual. In my opinion that is one of its best qualities because if you can pull hard with little to no drag depending on the piece, you’re going to be satisfied with your hits majority of the time.

Another thing about recyclers that can confuse many people is that there is a variety of different types of recyclers. Yep, that’s right there’s even recyclers that do different things! So I’m going to list a few here just to give you a general idea of how awesome these pieces are!

Different Types of Recyclers

External Recycler (Standard)- An External Recycler has a drain tube that connects the bottom and the top of the can of the rig. Since the tube is on the outside of the can, it causes a circular loop.


Internal Recycler( Incycler)- With Incyclers, there are 2 different types. One has a tube outside of the can, that brings water from the first and second chambers, with the drain tube inside one of the chambers. With the other incycler, the water travels through these small holes on the top of the drain funnel.









Klein Recycler-  A Klein Recycler is basically a mix of internal and external recycler rigs, but it’s built more like an internal recycler. The difference though is that the drain doesn’t just go to the bottom of the can. First what happens is, the drain exits the first chamber and then loops back in through the second chamber and it does this over and over again. This is so the drain doesn’t get in the way of the percolator doing its job.



The thing about recyclers is that with all the water constantly moving through the different chambers, it basically acts as a splash guard in the sense that the water won’t reach the mouthpiece with so much filtration. Not to mention its wide and sturdy base that comes with the majority of them, it’s safe to say that these are a good investment if you want a nice smooth hit.

I hope this helps you understand recyclers better, and if you have any questions please let me know down below! And leave any comments you guys have!


21 thoughts on “What is a Recycler Bong

  1. Great site! I had never heard a of a Recycler. However I have hit a double chamber piece, it was nice!
    So i guess that brings me to my question,
    Is the idea behind a Recycler to provide a smoother hit? To reduce the harshness of a full out water pipe hit?

    1. Yes, the point of the Recycler is to give a really nice and smooth hit. The filtration is almost that of a bong with multiple percolators.

  2. This is a first for me, I have never heard of a recycler bong before.
    Are these new products or have they been around for a long time, pretty interesting looking things.
    Also, are these only available in glass? Or can you get the plastic versions.
    Anyway, thanks for the great information and ill be sure to be back
    Adam 🙂

  3. HI there!

    That sounds interesting because I am usually not a big fan of taking hits. I just find it too harsh!

    Is there really a big difference if the smoke gets filtered a couple of times?

    And that might sound a bit stupig, but I am not loosing any THC doing that, right? 🙂

    One last question, are they significantly harder to drag? Cause that would be a bit annoying for me I think.

    Thanks for your help

  4. Man things are getting fancy these days! That seems very smooth and easy on the lungs which is great compared to regular pipes and joints. It must have a better long term health impact as well. What do you think of edibles in terms of health and what is the best way to consume?

    1. Yeah man trust me it’s only gonna get more and more advanced, but as far as edibles go.. I personally am not a huge fan of them because I didn’t quite feel it as much as I would have hoped in my first couple of tries. However this is just me, I know plenty of other people who love them. 

      Health wise, you definitely have nothing to worry about but of course I’m not an actual doctor lol. But studies have shown that edibles are healthier than smoking because you’re not damaging your lungs at all. 

  5. That was an interesting article on something I never knew about before. It’s crazy that there are so many different types of recycler bongs. I was wondering though, do they come in plastic too or just glass? Thanks for sharing this info, I’ll be sure to stop by again!

    -Evan Kurtz

    1. Hey Evan! Glad you found this article helpful to you, but to answer your question, no unfortunately they have not yet released a plastic version of a recycler. But maybe they’ll have one in the near future!

  6. This article is quite a hit for me. I haven’t actually used a bong before, but have had joints a little. What’s the difference in the harshness and high of a joint versus a bong? I like the look of the Klein as it just looks like a work of art. I know looks aren’t what’s important, but it is cool looking.

    1. Hey Jason!

      I personally like the Klein as well because of its unique design to it.

      But to answer your question, I think a bong is a lot less harsh than taking a hit from a joint. This is because the smoke is going directly to your throat rather than a bong where the smoke is filtered by the water making it easier to take in. But sometimes you can take a really large hit that feels unbearable so it’s all about personal preference.

      As far as the difference in high, I would say a bong gets you higher, but that’s just my opinion. Sometimes I don’t even finish the second bowl when I’m by myself lol.

      I hope this helps, let me know if you have any more questions!

  7. The cannabis industry is definetely growing more and more with all the new age products. Recycler bongs are just another example of it.

    Many people probably don’t know that hese are called Recycler bongs if they’re not that much into cannabis. I haven’t even seen a Klein recycler before!! This is AWESOME!!! Thank you for the informative post. I wll definetely tell about this to someone.

  8. It’s good to see entrepreneurs entering a new and dynamic market now that the legalization of marijuana has finally started to spread.
    I am 67 and in all my years had never heard of a recycler bong so this was new information to me. Add the fact that I consider hand-blown glass pipes an art form and you really got my attention.
    Good luck in your project and I’ll be back to check out your other articles.

  9. Hey Gabriel 😉
    Very interesting & informative article!

    Currently I am looking for new ways to smoke that would allow for very smooth & pleasant hits. Your article is exactly what I am looking for!

    I love bongs (my favourite way to smoke haha :D) however I only smoked through regular glass bongs without any ”fancy” attachments. Sometimes a hard hit with regular bong can be harsh on the lungs & throat.

    After reading Your article, it is safe to say that Recycler bongs are a cure for this problem! I love how explained the differences between these recycler bongs- very helpful.
    Keep up the good work Gabriel 😉

  10. This is a great article because I really dislike smoking out of my little pipe. I even tried to make my own water bong at home with a 2 liter soda bottle, which came out to be a ghetto version of these nice glass pieces. It makes the experience a lot of fun, as you watch the smoke go through the different chambers and then finally a nice smooth hit. These are definitely a nice investment if you want a nice smoking experience and not just smoking to get stoned.

  11. Never knew what a recycler bong was until I read your article, Gabriel. This is one of my first experiences with reading about this type of piece and I must say you have done a good job of breaking it down. Where can I buy these pieces at? I didn’t happen to see any link in the article and was curious where these are sold at.

  12. Nice bongs. I like the recycler and I think I’m going to get one. Just trying to think of a nickname. I’ve had a few, my first was called Conan, then Balcony and the Trunk. Don’t ask. Great site with good information. Do you have any recommendations for vaporizors? The place tp live these days is the legal states.

  13. This was interesting to read for sure! Unfortunately, I live in Ohio so I sit here and patiently wait for Marijuana to become legalized.
    But, when that day does come, a recycler bong seems to be the way to go since I am going to want those smooth hits. I don’t ever remember anything like this from my younger days, are these a pretty new concept?

  14. I have never heard of a recycler bong but I see where it could be a popular pipe. I am wondering what the results would be if you used something other then water? Could you use a sweet wine and flavor your smoke? I am glad I found this site it will be a huge help! One other question. It it illegal to own one?

  15. I am looking for a great birthday present for a friend of mine and I am considering getting him a Recycler.  I did not realize you get so many types.  I am not familiar with recyclers and need some advice.  In your opinion which one is the best value for money?

  16. Interesting topic for a website. At first I wasn’t quite sure what I was reading about,  as I don’t smoke cannibis. When I scrolled down and saw the picture then  I guessed what it was as it has a similar type look to a hubbly bubbly pipe, which a lot of our friends have. 

    I wonder if this is the healthier way to take a hit, rather than smoking the joint on its own?

    Now with the legalization of cannabis in South Africa we are probably going to see these types of things around more and more. 

  17. Heard of, used, and love recyclers! Doesn’t matter what I’m using green or wax. I find that most all high end pipes hit hard no matter what the filtration. Certainly a cleaner and fresher hit but it’s exhaling through the nose that keeps me from coughing a my head off. 

    Recyclers usually do come in an interesting pattern that makes for a fun display piece. Nice article easy to get a better understanding of this type of “waterpipe”. Much luck on your future endeavors.  

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