What Is a Multi Chamber Bong

What Is a Multi-Chamber Bong

So one of the most common questions I get is “what is a multi-chamber bong?”, and for those of you who already know what it is, you’d be surprised how many people there are out there that don’t know so this post I’m gonna be breaking down exactly what is is and also some of the benefits of having one.

A multi-chamber bong is a bong that has more than one chamber. For example, a bong with many percs will have multiple chambers also because the chambers are the space between the percs. A chamber is filled up with water and is usually in the bottom part of the bong because that’s where the smoke starts to build up as you light the bowl. When you start to inhale, you’re basically pulling the smoke from the bowl through the water and into the chamber. This is where water filtration comes in, but, on a multi-chamber bong its a little different, in a good way.

One of the benefits to having a bong with multiple chambers is that the more water means more filtration, ultimately meaning a much smoother hit. Having more than one chamber also allows you to do more at once in one hit than when you only have one chamber. Some people fill one chamber with hot water and then fill the other with cold water because cool water doesn’t filter the smoke and the tart out as much as hot water. If you do this you’ll want to fill the first (bottom) chamber with hot water and then fill the top chamber with cold water to keep the hit nice and cool.

I highly recommend trying out a bong with multiple chambers as you won’t regret it and might seriously consider buying one afterward. One thing I will say is that sometimes having more than one chamber can cause some lag depending on the size of the bong and the percs that come with it. But overall, they’re a great piece.

I hope this article was helpful to you guys, leave any of your questions and comments about your experiences down below and I’ll respond back ASAP!

9 thoughts on “What Is a Multi Chamber Bong

  1. Wow who knew that bongs could be so complex! I’m a daily smoker too and never really considered a bong because I really have no idea how they work. I’m old school and just rolled them! But I’ve moved up to using a vape. Though I do find bongs simply beautiful to look at, I’d be interested learning more about them and possibly use one! Thanks for all the great information! I learned a lot!

  2. This brings back font memories of my old percolator bong which my friend accidentally broke. It was such a nice smoke, so smooth. Plus it had the ice holder bit at the top too. I was so upset when it got broken. Glass bongs are so much better quality than plastic ones or anything else. You can actually taste what you’re smoking!

    That bong in the picture is so beautiful. It’s like a piece of art.

  3. Honestly I’m surprised I’ve never thought about the different kind of bongs there are, lol I guess it’s because I go for the simple and plain ones.

    But this multi-chamber bong looks awesome man! I bet it hits super smooth. I’m bookmarking this site for future articles, thanks man!

  4. I had no clue there were multi chamber bongs. I’ve had a single chamber bong my whole life but now I am considering switching it for one of these.

    I understand that you can get a nicer hit from it, but I have another question about it. Does the better filtering also mean that a multi chamber bong is less harmful than a single chamber bong?

    1. Not necessarily. Like you said, the second chamber just adds more filtration making the hit smoother. But a harsher hit isn’t really worse for your lungs it’s just not as pleasant lol. 

      It’s definitely worth giving a try though I will say that!

  5. Wow, I guess I know a little about them, my son being a 19 year old who does use bongs amidst god knows what else does have a little collection of them.

    Never knew how they worked, what the differences were etc etc, maybe on his next visit home from the bush I can show him a thing or two 🙂

  6. That’s some interesting information about bongs my friend! I have never heard of a multi chamber bong myself.

    So you’re saying that multiple chambers allows for a smoother hit due to the fact that there’s more water in the bong that the smoke has to go through. Would you say that a multi chamber bong is smoother than a vaporizer?

  7. My brother loves smoking on the weekends to relax, and his birthday is coming up next week, so I am thinking about getting him a bong. I didn’t know that there are bongs that you can buy that include more than one chamber. Thank you for mentioning that it allows for more water filtration and lets you do more than one hit at once.

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