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What Is A Honeycomb Bong

With there being such a wide variety of different bongs out there, it’s very easy to find one that you’ve never heard of. And trust me this won’t be the first time, glassblowers are constantly coming up with new inventions to make smoking a lot better for users. So what is a honeycomb bong?


A honeycomb bong is a type of percolator bong. As I explain in the different bong percolators page, there are many different types of percolators available for most glass bongs. The honeycomb perc, in particular, is a disc located in the center of the bong that has holes in the disc that are actually shaped like a “honeycomb”, allowing for great filtration and not very much lag. Most honeycomb bongs come with 2 discs but not all, some even have 3!


Benefits Of Using A Honeycomb Bong

When it comes to owning a honeycomb bong, there are definitely a lot of perks that come along with it. One of them is it is fairly easy to clean. Percolator bongs aren’t necessarily harder to clean they just have more chambers, so can sometimes be a little more tricky to clean. You just use and salt to clean it just as you would with another bong and you should be good to go.

Another great thing to look forward to when you’re hitting it is the filtration. The point of a percolator is to help filter the smoke through an additional chamber, making it less harsh when you take a rip. But with the honeycomb bong, it’s a completely different story. It’s like the smoke just disappears.

I think it’s safe to say that some pieces are for beginners and some pieces are for experts, but believe me when I say this is actually the perfect bong for anyone who smokes regularly. As I said before, there are so many types of honeycomb bongs out there you’re bound to find one for a reasonable price, especially if you look online for it. There’s nothing like taking a hit out of a newly loved piece.



The honeycomb bong is definitely my favorite bong out of all the ones I’ve ever toked from. Well maybe it’s tied with the tree perc bong but my point is it stands out from its class and is definitely worth trying. I’m excited to see what new pieces they’re going to come out within the near future.

I hope this post was helpful to you guys! Please feel free to leave any comments or questions down below and I’ll get back to you ASAP!

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50 thoughts on “What Is a Honeycomb Bong – Excellent Percolation

  1. Having no experience with bongs, I found your article to be very informative. It sounds like you know what you are talking about too. I will need to know more so I can see if a perc is right for me. Is marijuana the only thing that a perc is used for or can it be used with tobacco? Is a perc the best type of bong, in your opinion? Let me know your thoughts and thank you for your insight.

    1. Thanks Karl! And to answer your question yes you can smoke tobacco from a percolator bong but it has to be pipe tobacco. If you use the cigarette tobacco it will have a really harsh and nasty taste to it. And yes in my opinion perc bongs are the best type of bong, but they are also the most hassle because you have to keep it clean for all parts to work properly. You can still hit it if it’s clogged, but it won’t be the same.

  2. I don’t have a lot of experience with bongs, but this looks cool. My next door neighbors own Green Flower Media… An online media company that specialized in cannabis education. They have every pipe and vaporizer you can imagine… But I bet they don’t have this one. I can’t wait to tell them about it!

  3. Awesome

    I just got done with reading your intro about Honeycomb Bong and I have to say that it’s one of the best articles that I’ve seen in a long time. I found your writing really informative and helpful.

    I’m bookmarking the page to come back and read it all once again.

    Thanks a lot for sharing about this.

  4. Wow thanks so much for a detailed post,Today was my first day to hear about a honeycomb bong . Thanks to the author I learnt a lot.

    One of the things that I liked about the bongs is there are different types of bongs that suit everyone.I liked the sprinkler.

  5. It is really fascinating to see how technically advanced some of these glass pieces are and work that goes into making them. I attended a piece making show recently and it was clear that the people crafting pieces like these are truly artists. A honeycomb bong sounds like an awesome piece and it is a huge bonus that it is easy to clean!

  6. I don´t have any personal experience with smoking pipes, but thanks to you and your site, I have learned much about it, and now I think I´ll be able to buy a present for my husbands birthday 🙂 I will follow your advice and purchase a glass honeycomb bong. What else should a newbie buy with it?
    Thank you very much,

  7. Very informative! With medical cannabis on the rise and more states legalizing this will be very useful to a lot of folks! I honestly had no idea there were different types of bongs. I thought all of them were the same with just different colors or designs.

    Good to know information in here!

  8. Yeah I can definitely vouch that these honeycomb bongs are really good. What I found like you said is that the multiple holes in the disc in the bottom just made for really good filtration which made for a really clean smoke.

    What bong do you think gives the best filtration you have tried?

    Thanks for sharing this!

    1. To be honest I’d say the honeycomb bong gives you the best filtration. The only other bong that competes with it is the tree perc bong which is really great too but it’s a lot harder to clean!

  9. I found this really interesting, I’m from Jamaica and I smoke weed frequently but honestly I’ve never used a bong, only papers but it’s 2017 now and their are healthier ways to use marijuana such as water bongs and vapourizers. I’ve never heard of the honeycomb bong but it sounds really good.

  10. I’m old fashioned and roll my own. Pipes and bongs are not my thing but the honeycomb bong sounds interesting. I’ll probably order one to see how it works. I’ll stop by and let you know what I think after I give it a try. Thanks for a good article. You learn something new everyday.


  11. I had never heard of honey comb bong and it seems pretty cool. I will definitely have to let some of my friends know about this as I know they’d be interested in it. Like you said there are so many bongs and sometimes it can be hard to find one that you really like. Thanks for the post and I will have to look into it.

  12. Thanks Gabe for getting people more informed! As someone who manages a vape shop, the info can get really confusing to beginners.

    People come in having no idea what they need, want, or even if this could work for them, it’s and nice you’re putting out this info to help them, and me by proxy lol

  13. Man a homeboy of mine has one of these things. I took a hit and it was over for me. Very powerful bong indeed. Nice article I enjoyed the read. You have a lot of insight on the topic.

  14. I hate I’m just now reading this. I had the chance to buy a honeycomb bong from a local dispensary the other day. But I didn’t because I didn’t know much about it. So I went with some generic one and left. But after reading this and getting the inside scoop. I will defiantly go back and get that bong. Nice article!

  15. Gabriel,

    I have had my own experience with the honeycomb bong, and it’s honestly a wonderful glass water pipe. I love the smooth rips that you get along with the piece that holds all your delicious dank. I appreciate you making these reviews. Much appreciated my friend. Keep on making these great guides.

  16. I was intrigued by what this Honey Comb Bong was and how it is different to other bongs. I feel like I need this bong now as it seems like a much more superior Bong then others. Is this the top of the line Bong or are there better ones?

    1. Hey Peter!

      You definitely should get one of these bongs unless you can bum a hit off your buddy who has one lol. But yes in my opinion it’s the top of the line when it comes to percolator bongs but it’s really all about preference. This along with the tree perc bong are my two favorites. I hope this helps!

  17. I was intrigued by what this Honey Comb Bong was and how it is different to other bongs. I feel like I need this bong now as it seems like a much more superior Bong then others. Is this the top of the line Bong or are there better ones?

  18. Gabriel,

    The honeycombs are perfect for nice rips and are very easy to clean.I myself have had a honeycomb for many years and they do a great job of getting the job done. My question would be what are some ways you clean your honeycombs? Also, can you get them in any smaller size?

  19. Gabriel I feel like I am getting a crash course in the number of bongs out on the market. Very informative, one question that I do have is, are there any negatives with using a bong? In my country the Chalice or Kutchie are the instruments used. Is there a difference in the affect?

    1. Hi Harvey!

      I’m glad you’re finding this information useful to you in your search for your new bong! The only negative about having a bong is the chance that you might break it, but other than that no because it’s the cleanest high you can get since the water is filtering the smoke. Now as far as the differences between the chalice and the bong, I would say there would be a difference in taste. Smoking from a chalice is more natural, but you will taste the “nature” in the hit. With a bong(glass) you’ll get a much cleaner taste and you’ll taste the bud a lot better. This is just my opinion though, I really hope this helps!

  20. Hello Gabriel, lots of food for thought on which bong to use, very nice touch. Are these for use with the plant or can they be used for the resin as well? Some aficionados will not mix the two and with the resin there is usually a build up of tar.

    1. Hi Harvey!

      While some bongs can be used for both plants and resin, i wouldn’t recommend using resin on a honeycomb bong because it just wouldn’t hit the same. If you’re looking for a good piece that is good for both resin and plants I would check out this piece. https://www.smokecartel.com/pr

  21. I have a relative that really likes to smoke with bongs. Actually I didn’t even know it was called bongs until I read your article. For him, he uses the old bamboo types along with his favorite smokes. I don’t know what it is called but it seems pretty awesome.

    The honeycomb bong you mentioned seems pretty good at filtering. My relative is kind of old already so maybe using this would be slightly better for him in my opinion. It is only my opionion but what do you think?

    1. Hey Win!

      I’m glad to see you found this post helpful! As far as your question about if the honeycomb bong is better for him because of his age, it really depends. Again I’m no doctor lol but in my opinion glass is cleaner so it’s more of a pure smoking method, not that using a bamboo bong is unhealthy, I just think the honeycomb bong would be much smoother.

  22. What a great article! I’d come across bongs before but never seen a honeycomb bong before. I’ve just returned from a few days in Amsterdam and wish I’d seen this article before my trip, I’d have kept a lookout for one. I tried the volcano vape whilst I was in Amsterdam and it was fun and not at all harsh on the throat, I imagine the honeycomb bong will be similar, I look forward to trying it on my next trip there.

  23. So I read this and I was intrigued but I was like…what is a bong to begin with? Lol though it’s just lack of vocab on my behalf. I loved reading about it and getting educated on the subject. Honeycomb bongs….. the next best thing! After reading this post I definitely have a better understanding on how these bongs work so thanks!

  24. Well, you have introduced a product I have never seen! I used to sell paraphernalia in my gift shop years ago in Kodiak, AK, and had some great sources, but the honeycomb is a new one. It looks like it would work very well. Does the honeycomb effect cool the smoke?

  25. I haven’t tried using a honeycomb perc yet, but I am anxious to try one out!
    I never really knew how much went into this. I like the fact that it helps with filtration that could lead to easier clean ups as well. That along with the fact you get smooth hits and it’s a go for me!
    Thanks for sharing this I look forward to reading much more!

  26. I really like the name Honeycomb Bong, I’m curious and would really like to try smoking some ganja with it. I don’t normally smoke bongs anymore though, nowadays I use a vaporizer to vape concentrates, but occasionally I do break out the ol’ bong when friends visit. Part of the reason I switched over to vaping is because I believe it’s better for my lungs. Since the Honeycomb Bong offers a cleaner hit, is it much healthier than regular bongs?

    1. Hey Kent!

      You definitely made the right decision as far as vaping for lung preservation. As far as the honeycomb bong being more healthy than other bongs.. that’s hard to say. I’m under the belief that bongs are healthier than a joint or a blunt, but not certain that some bongs are better for you than others. 

      I hope this helps!

  27. I like the honeycomb bong because it uses the surface area of the glass to force smoke through the multiple holes in the honeycomb discs. This separates the stuff i dont want so I can smoke cleaner, cooler and more enjoyable. Tried other types than the honeycomb, they do not work the same. The smoke quality is smooth.

  28. I don’t know too much about bongs, because I am not a smoker, but my husband loves them and he won’t use anything else. We have never heard of the honeycomb bong but it looks really cool. I think I will surprise my husband with the honeycomb bong for his birthday, I know he’ll love it!

    Thanks for the great review!


  29. Ok I’ve only seen these in the movies, but this beautifully written post is a perfect opportunity to ask the question I’ve always wanted to ask those using these Bongs in the movies: ”How is it different from then normal cigarette smoking?”

    Are these some health benefits associated with using Bongs than smoking the raw marijuana directly?

  30. I actually have never heard of a honeycomb bong before, so I found this post very useful.

    I also really like your post about the HoneyDew Glass Faberge Egg Showerhead Circ Perc. Something that prevents that harsh feeling in your throat is always a good thing. Do you think this would be good for a beginner?

    I will definitely visit your site again 🙂

    All the best 🙂


    1. Hey Vik!

      While the Honeydew Glass bong is great and really smooth, I think a beginner might not want this one because you have to clean it often. I’d recommend “The Bee Hive” bong. It’s a double honeycomb bong so it’ll hit nice and it’s actually much cheaper.

  31. Hi 

    The only things that I know about bongs are that they were sold in a shop in Oxford Street, London, UK and was and is used regularly in Turkey from my vacation there.

    So I found your article very informative and learning that there is a honeycomb bong and how it works was very educational.

    I will be sharing this article on social media because I think that this will be very useful information for all the Bong lovers out there so thank you


    1. Hey Jennifer! 

      I’m glad this article was able to help you in some way, and thank you so much that would be much appreciated!

  32. This is a very detailed write up thank you! I have not had much experience with bongs, and the few I did have were negative. I just didn’t like em as much as a regular glass pipe. I can see from your article though that maybe I should give bongs especially the percolator ones another try. In your opinion is the honeycomb one of the better percolators or do you have another favorite as well?

  33. Well, I must say that this is the first time I’ve heard about honeycomb bongs but from what I have read this is pretty interesting. Are they worth more than regular bongs? I’ll have to forward this article to my neighbor who likes to experiment with this stuff and I am sure he will like it.

    Thanks again mate!

    1. Hey Daniel!

      All bongs are nice if you keep it clean and hit it just right, but to answer your question, YES! Now honeycomb bongs aren’t necessarily the most valuable bongs, but it’s a type of percolator bong so it’s meant to hit smoother than an average bong. 

      Hope this helps!

  34. Thank you very much for letting me know about the honeycomb bong. It sounds like a straightforward concept with excellent results.

    I have not smoked out of a bong for many years but it is great to gain this knowledge and I am going to check out several of your other pages as your information is really easy to read and interesting.

    Are there any other bongs you would recommend that are similar to the honeycomb filtering system?

    Appreciate the information Gabriel.

    1. Hey Lucas!

      For water levels its hard to give a general rule of thumb because every piece is different. Some pieces need more water than others and so my best advice to you is to keep trying different water levels until it hits smooth the way you imagined it. If there’s a heavy slow drag to it then most likely you put too much water, and on the other hand if your able to pull with absolutely no drag then maybe you don’t have enough in there. Lol this might sound complex, but it’s actually not.

      I hope this helps! Feel free to ask any more questions if need be!

  35. Honestly, I don’t have that much knowledge or experience about bongs because I mainly just use joints and dry hand pipes. But I have definitely learned a bit from this page so I guess this honeycomb bong is as great as explained because I heard someone in my break room describing it just like this.

  36. The Honeycomb bong looks like an amazing glass pipe I would love to get a toke from and true to your words I have not heard of this particular bong before.

    As a regular smoker, I always love finding unique pieces that most people don’t have so I can’t wait to find one I can try and I know it would live up to the hype. Thanks

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