What is a Dry Herb Vape

With there being many different categories and sub-categories of vaporizes nowadays, it can get tricky not get the different types of vapes available online mixed up with each other. But to keep it simple, with dry herb vapes there are 3 different types of vaporizers. There are vaporizer pens, portable vaporizers, and desktop vaporizers. Now, they all can be used to vaporize medical marijuana, but they all have different heating methods. So first of all, what is a dry herb vape?



What is a Dry Herb Vape

A dry herb vape is basically another type of e-cig, and as technology got more and more advanced, companies found a way to help people that didn’t really like smoking, or struggled to get that perfectly smooth hit, but still liked the feeling of it. So if you’re a person that already is accustomed to having lung problems, or for whatever reason you just have a hard time smoking in general, I strongly recommend you try a dry herb vaporizer.

Recent studies have shown that most people that have switched from smoking legal herbs to using a vaporizer have reported that they feel a lot better after the fact than smoking. I remember a friend of mine trying to quit smoking a while back way before I knew anything about vaping, and once he tried the dry herb vaporizer, he was convinced that it was a life changer and decided not to stop because it gave him a more “clear-headed” feeling.

This is due to the fact that when you’re vaping, you’re not actually burning the bud, just heating it up to a high enough temperature for the cannabinoids to be released into vapor, which is much better for your body overall than smoke.




Benefits of using a Vaporizer

  • Healthier Experience- Similar to how an e-cig is healthier for you than smoking cigarettes, using a vaporizer will give you a much safer and healthier experience than smoking marijuana directly.                                                                                                                                A vaporizer will have an energy source that will give it power, along with a metal coil that heats up to a vaporizing temperature.  Vapor is much better for your body than marijuana smoke is, even though it’s much safer than cigarette smoke, that doesn’t mean it isn’t bad for you.
  • Saves You Money-  Once you start using a vaporizer, one of the things you’ll notice is that you are saving a lot of money. This happens because of 2 reasons. 1). You don’t have to use as much of your dry herbs to get the same effect because you’re basically getting the pure THC out of the vape. 2). Your only supposed to fill up the heating chamber about 75% of the way so it won’t allow you to put more without it burning unevenly which is something you really don’t want. Another reason you end up saving more money, in the long run, is because when you think about it, what do you use for smoking legal dry herbs? A bong? A pipe? Joint papers? Blunt wraps? What happens when my bong breaks? All these devices and pieces we get usually add up along with the cost of the actual herb, so when you factor all that in, plus the fact that it’s on the go, you clearly save some money and a lot of time using a vaporizer.
  • No More Stinch- Ever hung out with a person that smokes all the time? Whether it be cigarette smoke or marijuana smoke, if they are basically non-stop smokers there’s a stench that seems to follow you. It could be your clothes, or your house, or your car, or even your breath lol! But by using a vaporizer, you eliminate that horrible smoke odor which will make you a lot more approachable or tolerable to the non-smokers.
  • Discrete- So whether you smoke or not, you can almost immediately smell the smoke on a person when they’ve smoked a lot during the day. Especially if they recently just finished smoking. In my opinion, the most important benefit to a dry herb vape is its ability to be hidden and discrete. Have you ever been in a situation where you are overwhelmed with so much at one time or your at a really stressful event that requires your attendance? What if you were able to take a “chill” break without worrying about someone noticing? Well now with a vaporizer, you can sneak away into the bathroom, in the back corner, you can basically go anywhere and take a hit without anyone noticing because vapor doesn’t stink nearly as much as marijuana smoke. Not to mention their portability.

What to Look for When Buying a Vaporizer online

Most people believe that in order for a vape to work properly, it much reach a temperature at least between 338°F and 392°F. With that being said, they actually have vaporizers that come with temperature control settings, allowing you to use different types of legal dry herbs because they all vaporize at different temperatures.

Another thing you want to make sure of is that when you’re using a vaporizer, you wanna make sure that your bud is grounded up nice and fine. Making sure everything is evenly spread out and that you’re not putting too much can be really crucial when it comes to the vaping efficiency. If you use large nugs for your vape, it won’t allow you to get even heat distribution, and then you’d be basically wasting all that perfectly herb.

They usually don’t take too long to heat up, I’d say on average about 30 seconds. But that’s not to say that all vapes don’t vape at different speeds because they do. Like a Desktop vaporizer can take up to 2 min, while sometimes a portable vaporizer can take up to 90 seconds.




Again when purchasing products online, I strongly recommend picking items that have at least a couple of good reviews to make sure you know what you’re getting. I hope this post helped you understand dry herb vapes a little bit more. Click here to check some awesome vaporizers available online! Please let me know what you think down below, and I would love to answer any questions you guys have!

21 thoughts on “What is a Dry Herb Vape

  1. Hey Gabriel! I definitely agree with this post. I am a marijuana smoker/vapor and I prefer vaping over smoking 110%. I love it because of the discreteness it provides. I save so much more money and even smoke less as a result of vaping my dry herb. The only thing that is a bother for me is cleaning the utensil. Other than I would highly recommend a dry herb vape no doubt!

  2. What do you feel about the PAX Gabe? I’ve been debating getting one, and I know they’re top of the line. They can just be a bit pricy. My customers seem to love them, just curious on your opinions.

    Anyways, thanks for providing more information about it. It really is amazing how much money you can save!

  3. Thanks for the breakdown. I never thought that vaporizers could be used for the purpose of medical marijuana as well. I’m not that into smoking myself and believe it’s an unhealthy habit. However, vaporizers may prove to be a healthier alternative for people who have trouble quitting or want to cut back slowly.

  4. This was perfect Gabriel… I love using the dry herb vaporizers cause the hits are much smoother, taste better, and healthier. Your article really broke down the product and enjoyed the content. What would you recommend for cleaning this device? Does it really need to be cleaned often? Would love to get one of these soon.

  5. This is a article of great value to me. I find and have bookmark this site before for your great insights.
    I was unaware this could also be used for medical marijuana, which I find were intriguing.
    I like the fact that vaping is healthier than smoking because we have basically stopped smoking and gone to vaping because of the smell and for the health benefits.

  6. HI Gabriel
    Well the smoking world evolves with the times. Glad I came across this post on dry herb vapes, cause I didn’t realize pot smokers were using vapes?

    I really like the idea of heating the bud instead of burning it? I think if I was still smoking I would really like the idea of a Vape, now that I know what it is and how it relates to Marijuana. I can see many benefits including the inconspicuousness and less pressure on your lung health. Thanks

  7. I was wondering what a PAX vaporizer was! I had seen these little square vaporizer cartridges on WeedMaps and wondered what made it different from regular vape. How ingenious that its meant for those who don’t like the feeling of smoke. I for one, use a vaporizer, I use the AbsoluteXtracts battery because I like how it has 3 different heating settings. Then when I purchase a vape I usuaully go for quality such as Brass Knuckles, Bloom ( what I am currently smoking ) or PureXtracts… the other brands are cheaper and because my tolorance has gotten high, do not seem to have an impact as does say the Brass Knuckles brand of vape… but the Pax vapes I am very curious to try out and see if they work well . How much does a dry vape battery go for? A

    1. Hey Sophia!

      So with the dry herb vape it comes with a rechargeable battery that you screw on and off. Now as far as being sold separately, it really just depends on where you go, some places have them as cheap as $10.00 and some places have them around $30-$50.

      Hope this helps!

  8. Hi Gabriel, you seem to be very experienced concerning vaping and vaporizers, no doubt about that. I also like the way you explain things to people. Is it possible to vape oils or liquids,too? Maybe I have overread it, but I could only find the point about vaping buds. Best wishes.

  9. Hey Gabriel:

    Before I read your post I didn’t know a darn thing about vaporizers.

    I didn’t know they were so sophisticated as to have temperature control settings!

    It’s great to know that you don’t need to use as much dry herbs to get the same effect. It sounds like in the long run, it could save money (especially if you are a cannabis smoker).

    It would also be great if all cigarette smokers would use vaporizers because there is nothing worse than breathing in second hand smoke.

    If I am around someone using a vaporizer to smoke tobacco, can I still be harmed by breathing the fumes?

    Thank you for your educational post!

  10. I have a friend who recently started smoking to control pain and hates the smoking part. She says it makes her cough and it hurts her throat. This is great stuff to know and I think she needs a vaporizer. I’m sure her experience would be better, and she wouldn’t be so reluctant to imbibe if she had one. Thanks for the great info.

    1. Hey Candace!

      From reading about your friends situation, I would definitely say they should try using a vaporizer. I know many people including seniors that have switched over due to similar reasons. I hope this will help you out, let me know if you need anything! (:

  11. Hi there 🙂

    I heard a lot about vaping and how convenient it is but I was concerned about the side effects of those products. You never really know what else you are smoking. Now I know that it’s just heating, not really smoking but still, I’m not so sure. I would like to know the opinion from some user. Did you use it and if, did you find any side effects?

    1. Hey Igor!

      Yeah vaping is definitely more convenient because to smoke naturally you would need to have a lighter, a pipe or some kind of small piece, and then your bud on you, which all stinks by the way lol. But with this, you can just put your bud in it and it’ll basically melt it into vapor. 

      I have heard of some side effects but to me, I don’t feel anything, it’s really just like hitting any other pen it just tastes different because it’s an actual bud in there. 

  12. This is such a great article!  I’m not much of a Vaper, however, my work colleague is and I wanted to learn a little more about them when I came across this site. Do you happen to know if there is any difference in effects on health between the different vapes? Like are some safer than others, or are they all the same? 



    1. Hey Bryan!

      Thanks so much man I’m glad you were able to get some use out of this article! To my knowledge, there is not a difference in the health risks or effects between the different kind of vapes. I would say if anything, the dry herb vape is safer because you’re vaping cannabis, rather than the e-liquid. 

  13. I didn’t even know a whole lot about vaporizers until I read this post and I’m glad there is something like this for those having lung problems. I’m very sure a lot of people (myself included) that would really prefer this rather than smoking and actually, it has a lot of benefits compared to just smoking. I must commend you for taking the time to share this article. Thanks!

  14. Thank you so much for the information.  I honestly didn’t know that you could vape cannabis.  

    I live in Colorado where cannabis is legal, however, it is not federally legal. So, you still have to drug test with the DOT. It’s a pain.

    Anyway, great information on what to look for when you’re purchasing a vaping mechanism. Also, the difference between smoke and vapor is especially important. I appreciate this article!  

    1. Hey!

      Yeah unfortunately even though many states are beginning to legalize cannabis on a state level, it still will be a few more years until it is fully accepted federally. Glad you found this helpful!

  15. My grandfather smokes marijuana. He is trying to give up smoking so I think in this regard my grandfather needs a vaporizer because it is the best healthier alternative. It will help him to smoke less and also save much more money.  Lol he’s just so stubborn and old fashioned idk if he’ll go for it! 

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