What Are the Best Herb Grinders

What Are the Best Herb Grinders

In today’s world, we as a society often take things that are important for granted. In this case, it happens to be grinders. If you are one that smokes on a daily basis, then you should understand the importance of having a grinder at your disposal. Now I understand some people are more old-fashioned and would rather break up the bud with their hands, but this is difficult for some people, and it’s not broken down as much as fine as it could be. Not to mention you are missing out on all that kief! Plus having a grinder saves you so much time and headache, so they’re definitely worth the investment.

If you do decide to get a grinder (which again I highly recommend), it’s important to know the differences between some of the more high-quality grinders out there, that way you can make the most educated decision when it comes to purchasing one online. There are plenty of grinders out there that are not even worth buying so it’s worth investing in a decent one. Now with grinders, there is a massive selection of different types of grinders out there to choose from. So I’ve broken down the top 3 grinders here to help you out.

4-Piece Space Case Grinder- So in my opinion, this is the absolute best grinder on the market, and to be honest I have yet to hear a single complaint. I mean it grinds really well, it has way more than enough space to place your bud in there, and I’ve found that out of all the grinders available, this one produces the most kief.

It’s made either from aerospace aluminum, or aluminum allow, but both will have a titanium layer around it. This makes them extremely durable so you don’t have to worry about breaking them after a couple of drops. Another plus is that even with it being metal, you won’t have to worry about metal dust getting in your bud from the teeth of the grinder. This seems to be an issue with some metal grinders. And yeah this one is a bit more expensive than most, but still $40 bucks for a huge 4 piece grinder that’s gonna last you easily 3 years is still a good deal.


4 Piece Platinum Grinder- This platinum grinder is very special. It’s got strong teeth for grinding up your herb, and its durability isn’t bad being that the inside isn’t made out of 100% aluminum. Now it’s still metal, but on the inside, it’s made up of a silver aluminum like material.

With this platinum grinder, other than the fact that it has a kief catcher and has sharp teeth for grinding your bud, it’s a pretty basic grinder. There aren’t any special designs or anything like that on it but, for the price, this grinder is extremely valuable. One of the cheapest high-quality grinders on the market for sure.

4-Piece Chromium Crusher Grinder- This high-quality grinder is made from zinc allow, which is extremely durable making this grinder a solid contender for one of the best grinders on the market.

Similar to the other 2 grinders, it is a 4-piece so it comes with a pretty spacious compartment for your kief. It also has diamond shaped teeth, giving a great grinding experience when grinding up your herbs. This is probably the cheapest high-quality grinder available online. And even though this grinder is the cheapest of the 3, in my opinion, it looks the nicest. Just something about that shiny silver that makes it stand out more.

These are my top 3 grinders on the market, so you guys let me know which ones you like that aren’t on here !!



17 thoughts on “What Are the Best Herb Grinders

  1. I’m definitely in the market for one of these gadgets, cutting up with scissors is getting old and ruining my scissors.

    These ones that you recommend – are they expensive? Do they last? I’ve had a grinder in the past but had to get rid of it because it wasn’t doing the job any more.

    1. Hi Shirley, yes these grinders are really high quality but no they are not expensive! You can get the chromium crusher grinder on amazon for about $15. And these will last you a really long time.

  2. This is a great article on the best herb grinders on the market. I always find myself going through grinders like crazy! I can never find a suitable one that will just stay together! Now I have found the article to solve all my problems. I hope to pass this along to all of my friends as well. Keep up the great work and I will be checking back from time to time.


    1. Thanks for the support Shawn! I’ll be sure to have more cool stuff up for next time, in the meantime get yourself a nice quality grinder and you’ll love smoking that much more.

  3. Nice Gabriel, I always love getting a new grinder for grinding all kinds of different herbs 🙂 all these grinders sounds good but after reading your review I have to go with the 4piece space case grinder because it does sound like the best for grinding.

    Also I am bookmarking this for any future herbal needs that I have, which is always likely to happen 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for the support Marley, the Space Case grinder is also my favorite of the 3 but its also a little bit more than the others so that’s really its only downfall.

  4. I really enjoyed this article on grinders, as I have just lost my go-to grinder at my buddies house lol!

    I had no idea that they had grinders so cheap on Amazon! Definitely gonna bookmark this for future reference. Thanks bud!

  5. Hi, me again. I really like your website mate.

    I actually like to pick my herbs, although if you can give me a recommendation for a grinder that does not keep most of the herbs inside of it OR is very easy to clean, I´ll buy one like right now.

    I know that I am picky but I really appreciate your help!

    Thanks very much

  6. Yep this is all me bro, love your site and this post is awesome – every true herb connoisseur needs an effective grinder, I personally would go with the 4-Piece Space Case Grinder based on it being the best in your opinion, but also because I have had a similar looking one before but i lost it years ago, or some random person stole it at one of my house parties years ago lol.

    Anyway thanks for the post man, always the best info online for all weed related matters! 🙂

  7. I’m actuallypretty interested in herb grinders and sometimes Ican search though store pages for hours!! You can’t even imagine how rich they are when it comes to variety.

    I have seen some fancy wooden ones around, have you come across it before?? I would like you to add some of them if you could, they’re great!!

  8. Gabriel,

    These are great grinders to use when you need to chop up some medicine. I am using one called the Bulldog that I found on Amazon and it’s very nice! It has gold coloring with sharp grinders and a good collector at the bottom of the screen. Thanks for your review!

  9. You have some good info here. Need to bookmark it for the future. Could use a new grinder and your knowledge was very helpful. I enjoyed your review and I’m interested in the 4 piece chrome one.
    Will definitely pass this one to people who would also find benefit from it.

  10. I use a 4-space metal grinder like the first one, I think I may have even gotten it on Amazon. Compared to the one or two compartment grinders, it’s incredible. You are totally right about the kief. We do maybe 1-2 grinds a day in our house and in a month I have enough powder in the bottom to make a half pound of pot butter. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to break up by hand. It’s so much better with something like this.

    1. Hi Sunny!

      I completely agree with you on that, breaking it up by hand is only acceptable when you have no other option, but if you have the chance always get the grinder!

  11. I’m definitely a Space Case lover!  I don’t smoke Jays as much as I used to but, guests love when we roll them their own personal joints.  It makes rolling a variety gift pack a breeze as well.

    Good medicine deserves great tools in my opinion and, you nailed my favorite one. I think we have a chromium crusher floating around here as well (and, I agree it’s a decent one for the price-point) but, we have 3 space cases lol

  12. I gave up smoking pot 45 years ago, so I don’t have too much use for it now lol but man these sure would have helped back in the day! I do have a number of friends though that would appreciate a grinder, not to mention many of the other products you have. I’m surprised at the pricing though but as I’ve indicated, I’ve kind of been out of the market for quite a while, but have heard of such ridiculously high prices for grinders, by my standards anyway, that I would never consider paying for it.  Back in the college days we used to buy it per pound and just break it down with our hands. How much could I get one for today?

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