Tornado and Fritted Disc Combo Water Pipe Review – Get a Nice Smooth Rip

Product: Tornado and Fritted Disc Combo Water Pipe
Price: $84.99
Cheapest Place to Buy: King’s Pipes 
Height of Bong: 12 in
Joint Size: 18mm
Percs: Tornado disc perc and Fritted Disc Perc
My Rating: 9.5 out of 10





Product Overview

Hey there everyone, I just recently had the pleasure of adding this new Tornado and Fritted Disc Combo Water Pipe to my collection, so I wanted to go over the different aspects of this bong with you all and share why I like it so much. The thing that I love the most about bongs is that literally, almost every bong you buy will hit differently than the last one. They all have their own percs, some cause more pull or more lag but still ends up being a great hit. You know that moment after a nice sesh, when you think to yourself “I’m glad I bought this!” trust me, this bong will give you that same feeling!

So obviously when buying a new bong, often people tend to be distracted by a typically “larger” bong. And don’t get me wrong I’m all for big bongs over smaller ones because you can take bigger and fatter rips, but most of the time with smaller bongs you can get a much better taste than with a bigger bong. And this one gives you an amazing feeling once you rip it even thoughts its only 1ft tall. But with its percolators, you won’t even be able to tell that it’s a little small.

Now most of the time you see a bong with a percolator disc it’s usually a honeycomb disc, but what makes this bong so special, is that the disc percs are actually a Tornado disc perc and a Fritted Disc Perc.


The difference between the 2 discs is that the tornado doesn’t come with holes in it, instead just small angled slits that create excellent percolation formed just like a tornado or cyclone. Now with the fritted disc, there are some similarities with the honeycomb disc but instead of having a few holes, the fritted disc actually has so many holes that they cover the entire disc, making it look almost completely white. This creates superb percolation making it an excellent choice. I gave this bong a 9.5 out of 10, and you’ll see why further down below.

Cleaning Your Bong Properly

You guys are gonna be happy to know that even though this bong has multiple percs and multiple chambers, this bong is super easy to clean! Nothing different from your average bong just use some alcohol and salt.

The thing with this bong is the resin won’t necessarily build up in the base but within the disc perc. So once you just clean it really well, you should notice a huge difference in the way it hits and looks.

Why I Recommend It

The best things about this bong are that when you take a hit, you’ll notice a bit of drag due to its size but overall, you’ll really enjoy the feeling before, during, and after the hit. As you start to inhale, the piece will start to fill up with bubbles and when it’s milky enough, it’ll feel like your just swallowing smoke. Next thing you know, you’re ready to take another rip! This 1ft tall bong is a true beauty, as it’s percs really make up for it being so small. On the upside I mean with it being so small it makes it much easier to travel with which can be very valuable if you don’t typically smoke at home, or if you’re just always on the go and want to show off your new bong.

My point is that there are a lot of different pipes out there and this one deserves its seat at the table for one of the best bongs out there. Most people that struggle taking hits from bongs and differ to blunts or joints, quickly change their minds about glass once they take a rip from this bong. It really gives a feeling that no other bong can give you.


I usually don’t regret buying any bong online. I typically am good at doing thorough research before buying bongs (or anything else for that matter), but there is some regret.. regret that I didn’t buy it sooner!? One thing I will say about this bong is that the ice catcher diameter is smaller than usual so you pretty much have to use crushed ice if you want to use ice for it.

So to make a long story short, if you’re interested in buying a new piece online and want to know where to find this bong and other ones just like it please feel free to visit king’s to see pricing or to check out some other options.

I hope this review was helpful to you guys! Also please feel free to leave your own personal reviews down below or you can leave your questions and comments down below. Thanks and have a nice day!



One thought on “Tornado and Fritted Disc Combo Water Pipe Review – Get a Nice Smooth Rip

  1. Gabriel,

    Your number one fan is back homie and this new product review is awesome. I was very shocked by the price of this bong and it has wonderful glass and a great design. This will be one of my next purchases coming up within the year, and again I love your site. Thanks, man!

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