Texas Marijuana Legalizaion

Texas Marijuana Legalization

With the cannabis topic growing stronger every day and every year, many people believe it’s only a matter of time before it’s legalized everywhere in the U.S. And although we ended off the year with a total of 33 states either taking steps towards decriminalization, or just changing their laws altogether, we still have a long way to go before cannabis is legal in more or all of the mainly conservative states.

As far as Texas marijuana legalization, so far since Nov 12, 2018, there have been at least 12 bills filed discussing changing marijuana policies, specifically with further decriminalization for small amounts of cannabis. Some government officials have implied that they might be willing to consider changing possession of at least an ounce of marijuana from a Class-B misdemeanor to a Class-C misdemeanor, meaning someone would only be fined up to $1,000 and only serve up to 3 months in jail as opposed to possibly being fined up to $5,000 and serving 6-9 months in jail.

Now I know that isn’t full legalization like we were anticipating but when it comes to Texas, it’s gonna be one baby step at a time. Over the years, Texas has basically been their own Nation when it comes to these most issues, so I don’t think they’ll just jump on the recreational legalization bandwagon just because other states are deciding to move forward with it, including our border states.

But there are definitely many reasons to be optimistic about the marijuana laws changing here in the near future, and again not just because the majority of other states are making a big jump towards full legalization, particularly with our border states, but based off of recent bills passed.

Due to the Texas Compassionate Use Act passed in 2016, we are now a state that has only a few but very functioning dispensaries here in Texas. As of right now, patients who are diagnosed with intractable epilepsy can only be prescribed CBD (cannabidiol oil) but many doctors believe they are barely scratching the surface in terms of actually curing and healing these people because they are limited to very low thc levels due to lack of research.

According to the Texas Governor, Greg Abbott, it’s likely that they will maybe tweak the recent bill passed in 2016, The Texas Compassionate Use Act, to give local doctors more freedom in choosing which treatments would work best for their patients.


Cannabis has been illegal in the U.S since 1937, so that’s over 75 years of demonizing this drug and the people that use it. It wasn’t until 1996 when California became the first state to approve cannabis for medical purposes.

With that being said I believe Texas marijuana legalization will happen here within the next 4 years because while there are still many government officials and lawmakers who still have that outdated view on marijuana, there are many outspoken and progressive leaders in congress who sipport the use of cannabis so we’ll see what happens!

Please leave your questions and comments down below I’d love to hear your thoughts on it! Thanks!

14 thoughts on “Texas Marijuana Legalizaion

  1. I believe that everything that has its pros has its cons. Marijuana might be an addictive drug for people and also affect one’s health but it has been proven to have medicinal value and can aid medical patients especially cancer patients in curbing pains. So I believe that it should be legalized everywhere with some laws regulating its sale. 

  2. I must say that I really don’t know how good it can be to legalize this plant. I heard that it has a pretty powerful effect in medical purposes but there always will be those people who will find a way to abuse this when it gets legalized. It is a drug and it should be prevented from using to non authoritative people.

    1. Hey Daniel! 

      I must say I completely understand people who support medical purposes only but only if they don’t smoke or drink. What is your opinion about alcohol? Do you think alcohol should be legal? I mean just think about it, there are over 9,000 alcohol-related deaths per year (reported) but a big fat 0 for marijuana deaths, so why is the one that kills people everyday legal and the one that makes people “chill” and helps people for medicinal purposes illegal? Doesn’t make sense to me…  

  3. I lived in Illinois and I know that there are big laws here about that topic. I believe that it should be only for health reason in my opinion. There are a lot of people that don’t know how to be responsible with so much power and if Texas puts in the right laws and makes a way for those who are in need, then it should be ok. Remember when someone is not responsible then everyone has to pay the price. Hoping for the best in Texas 

    1. Hey Claudia!

      Yes in Illinois there are really strong laws on marijuana, and even though I support both the recreational and medical use of cannabis, I understand those who only support medical use. On your statement about everyone paying the price, what’s your stance on alcohol? Do you know the death caused by DWI accidents compared to DUI accidents? I will guarantee the stats will show we have proven we can’t use alcohol responsibly, so why should marijuana be prohibited and regulated so much?

  4. Cannabis has been used for centuries as a healing plant and just because way back in the early 1900’s the US banned it because it could ruin the cotton and paper industry. If only they had left it then maybe poverty would be less because of the benefits it naturally has. Side effects from hideous drugs people get from pharmaceuticals wouldn’t be a problem and my big statement is this: Alcohol kills more people every year and it’s legal. 

    Cannabis hasn’t killed anyone nor does it cause violet domestic abuse and I can’t wait until the whole world realizes that is should be legal and yes, there should be restrictions for people who want to grow it for personal use.

    Keep us posted as it is still illegal here in NZ and NZ’s are working hard trying to get a referendum passed to decriminalize it so here’s hoping

    1. Hey Vicki!

      One day the world will come to its senses, I honestly believe in the next 5-10 years cannabis will be legal throughout the U.S for sure but we’ll see!

  5. Hi! I completely agree with Texas authorities being their own Nation when it comes to most of these issues. I have never smoked cigarettes or drunk alcohol and I firmly believe they should prevent it from being used by the majority of people.

    But because everything is business, as it happen with alcohol, it I’ll remain illegal until it’s profitable enough as a business.

  6. To be honest, one of my close friends was struggling with Alzheimer’s and doctors said she couldn’t walk anymore and she needs to be in bed for the rest of the life. Someone referred CBD oil to her and she used it (It’s legal where she lives) and now she is walking and driving a car. I am really amazed by her recovery and this incident made me see how this plant can change lives and it changed my whole perspective.

    Previously I was thinking all those testimonials are fake news and that people were just saying it to promote it but when I saw how it changed my close friend’s life so I need to respect this plant for what it does for the world.

    I’ve never seen a story or heard anything about alcohol being used to change people’s lives for the better…

  7. I’ll be honest I’m very on the fence whether it’s a good idea to legalize marijuana. The reason I say this is because I definitely see medicinal benefits for some people, but at the same time I see the possible drawbacks.

    Like anything including alcohol there is the possibility that it becomes addictive which can lead to more powerful drugs… At least that’s one of the common theories is that it’s a gateway drug… what do you think of this?

    I did see you mention CBD and in my opinions this is something completely different and I believe it should be legal without a doubt as long as it doesn’t include THC.

    I guess offering my opinion… I would prefer it not be legalized for every day use, but for medicinal reasons instead. Because I’ve heard it can relieve severe pain people suffer from…

  8. Being the fact that marijuana has a positive influence on our health and has been proved to be a very great medical drug but then, Texas as always have strict rules concerning all these new generation norms. I believe that in recent years to come, Texas too would become more lenient in their dealings with cannabis and allow it to fully function only on the basis of health benefits. That would be very cool to see.

    1. Hey RoDarrick!

      Yeah you’re right maybe in a couple of years we will see more advancement in the cannabis laws. I’d like to see them go as far as to legalize it recreationally also as this would only decrease the crime rate as people would no longer be going to jail or even receiving tickets for having possession of or being under the influence of.

  9. This is an educative and helpful post about Marijuana Legalization. Marijuana is a drag as much as I know. For this, it’s banned in many countries. Marijuana cultivates in the hills area. It cultivates there because it used to be used in making medicine outdoors. Many diseases can be cured by this. But in current times many drugs that can heal people are being criminalized to keep the medial business thriving. Evil times. Thanks!

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