Is Alcohol Worse Than Marijuana

Is Alcohol Worse Than Marijuana

Many people, myself included, are under the belief that because something is legal, it is better for you than something that is illegal, when in fact that’s not always the case. So is alcohol worse than marijuana? In my opinion, this is a no-brainer when you really think about it but because of marijuana’s legality issues, and the fact that the drug has been demonized for so long, most people believe it is purely cancerous. Despite all the noise though, here are the facts:

Since 2006, AT LEAST 10,000 people PER YEAR die due to a drunk driving incident. That is a significant amount of unnecessary deaths that maybe could have been avoided if they were smoking too much rather than drinking too much. According to the DEA, there haven’t been any marijuana-related deaths up to date. Now there’s gonna be more statistics on alcohol because even research on marijuana has been limited due it being illegal, but this doesn’t change the fact that these two substances affect your body completely different.


For example, there are many negative outcomes when it comes to being drunk whereas when you’re under the influence of marijuana, these things don’t happen.

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or marijuana is definitely not advised, but driving drunk can be fatal.
  • Alcohol is much more addicting 
  • You can die from overdosing on alcohol

Effects of Alcohol and Marijuana

So just so we’re clear, NEITHER one of these substances are good for you. But if we’re talking about which one affects you more in a negative way, look at it like this. alcohol causes you to be more “loose” or “carefree” while also altering your physical and psychological control, but with marijuana, typically people are a lot more laid back or paranoid, sometimes causing a need to over-prepare for something or overthink. Studies have shown that drunk drivers usually go much faster than they think they are, whereas people driving under the influence, drove slower than the speed limit often times and are usually more alert due to the constant worrying.

Again with marijuana, ZERO deaths have been reported by the national highway traffic administration so would you rather have someone going too fast or too slow? Which is more dangerous?

Another way to decide between the two is to look at the effectiveness of the drug itself. Alcohol is one of the top 5 most addictive drugs in the world behind only heroin, cocaine, and nicotine. Now, this doesn’t mean that marijuana can’t be addictive because it can be, but even in context I would rather someone be addicted to marijuana than be addicted to alcohol. Smoking on a daily basis can be a very bad thing and a hard habit to kick, but needing alcohol every day to function is definitely a bigger issue because you are much more likely to be violent, end up driving somewhere, and more and more studies have shown that people that drink heavily are more likely to get cancer when they are older.


Smoking multiple times a day can be very tough on your lungs, and can very well lead to lung cancer. However, this is only true when you’re talking about cigarettes. With cannabis, there has been no scientifical evidence showing that someone who smokes marijuana is more likely to get lung cancer than someone who doesn’t. In fact, many cancer patients have been prescribed marijuana because it relieves pain, stress, and treats the human body as if it were the medicine it desperately needed. I don’t know too many doctors giving out prescriptions for alcohol.

Another thing I want to point out is that there are many drugs on earth you can overdose on. Cocaine, Meth, heroin, and even the great legal alcohol can kill you if you consume too much of it. There is definitely such thing as smoking too much weed, but you can never smoke enough to kill you. There have never been any reports of a marijuana overdose leading to an untimely death. So when you factor all these things in, I think it’s pretty clear which one is worse for you, despite what you may have heard.

I really hope this post clears some things up for you, please leave some comments down below I’d love to hear all of your opinions! Take care!