What is the Best Bubbler

What is the Best Bubbler

A bubbler is basically… well it’s got the functions of a bong, but is similar to the pipe because it’s much smaller in size than a bong and gives you the ability to travel with it almost anywhere you go because it’s so portable, just like a pipe. The thing is though, with there being so many new additions and new pieces being released constantly, you’re left to wonder what is the best bubbler?

Now because there are so many great options for you to choose from, it would be impossible to pick just one. So I’ve made a list of three high-quality bubblers so you get a good idea of what some of the top-notch bubblers look like. And just for the record, these aren’t in order lol.


1. “The Daily Driver” Showerhead Perc Glass Bubbler Pipe

This bubbler is pretty popular in today’s market, mainly because of its convenience and the features it has. It comes with a bent neck, along with a stereo matrix perc at the bottom for filtration, and just when you think it can’t get any better it also comes with a showerhead perc on top just to make sure you get the ultimate smoking experience. Now as I said before, most bubblers are pretty small in size, however this piece, in particular, is much bigger than I anticipated when I ordered it, and I mean that in the most positive way possible! It’s very easy to hold and control but is not too light, and its 5mm thick.  Another great thing about this piece is that it’s got a nice clean and sleek design to it because it’s completely unmarked glass!

Having a piece with a bent neck is really a lot more valuable than people think. Have you ever tried to take a huge rip from a bong and the water splashes your mouth? Well with a bent neck, it makes it almost impossible for that to happen unless you just have way too much water in it. So now you can take super nice rips without getting that bong water taste in your mouth afterward.

Even with all those great percs and the very sleek design that this piece has, the thing that makes this bubbler so unique is the fact that it can be used for both flower and dabbing! Of course, this isn’t the only piece that can do that as most can but in my opinion, most pieces that can be used for both are normally only good for one and only have the capability of doing both does that make sense? So, for example, you might buy a bong and the say it can be used for dabbing and flower, but then when you get home you realize it can do both but it can only do one really well. However, with this bubbler, I can honestly say that this can be used for both dabbing and for your herbs and you’ll get the best experience either way you go!


2. Double Percolator Bubbler Pipe

The next bubbler on our list is the Double Percolator Bubbler Pipe. Now this piece is pretty unique because it’s got 2 different chambers to it, which is rare for bubblers. It comes with a silver fumed double percolator, along with 3 bridges between the chambers for the best percolation. There’s a lot to like with a bubbler like this, and its popularity is constantly growing due to its very limited availability.

When I added this piece to my collection, I immediately fell in love with the design! In the picture, the gold looks almost faded, however, I will say that the pictures available for this bubbler don’t highlight just how heavily designed it is. It’s much brighter in color at first and eventually will start to fade to the color above once you’ve used it a bit. The curves are much more noticeable in person, making it that much nicer!


You won’t see a bubbler with this much craftsmanship, and artwork. But the thing I like about this piece the most is how easy it is to control. It’s only 7in tall which is a little small, but because of the double percolator, this pipe hits like a champ! It’s got a really nice and light pull to it, almost no lag, and the hits come out really clean and smooth. Again, there’s a lot to take in with a piece like this, so my advice to you is to look around a bit and check out some of the reviews. I promise you won’t be disappointed if you decide to go with this one.

NOTICE: The only flaw in this piece is how small the bowl is, otherwise an excellent choice!


3. “Castor” Hammer Style Bubbler with Cube Perc



Falling in at number 3 on this very tough list is the Castor Hammer Style Bubbler. This is more of the traditional look for the majority of the bubblers made in America. But what makes this one stand out from other bubblers is that it also comes with a cube perc at the bottom of the base. This will allow the smoke to be filtered heavily before you even inhale any of it. That along with the fact that the cube perc can be the color of your choice and will also match the mouthpiece makes this definitely worth grabbing!


Now in the picture, it appears to be bigger than it is in real life, trust me I was shocked when it came in but remember the size of a piece, never interferes with the quality of its hits. It stands at 3.5 inches and feels very light just like many other bubblers, but the glass is very thick and sturdy. In my opinion, the only thing wrong with this bubbler is that if you set it down somewhere, it’s LIKELY to be knocked over or depending on how you have it, just fall over lol. I would recommend securing its sturdiness before stepping away for a while, or just emptying the water and tilting it on the side so you can avoid having to get a new one.

Really other than that this piece is great. It’s very easy to clean, and you can store it in almost any bag because it’s so small. So again even though it made it 3rd on my list, this is still one of the best bubblers out there in my opinion. I hope this helps you in your search for your new piece, please let me know if you have any questions or if there are some pieces you feel should have been on this list. Take care!