What is a Matrix Perc

Many people understand the benefits of smoking a clean glass bong over a joint or a hand pipe, but don’t understand the perks of smoking a bong goes so much farther than that! So what is a Matrix Perc?

A Matrix Perc is basically hybrid between the Showerhead Perc and the Disc Perc in my opinion in terms of shape. It looks like 2 disc percs stacked on top of each other, with slits and holes on the top and the bottom to get the best filtration possible.

Double Stereo Matrix J hook perc Dab Rig

Matrix Percs are honestly have more of a stylish appeal rather than a functional one because the way it works it doesn’t filter the smoke as efficiently as a disc perc by itself or a showerhead perc by itself. This is due to the fact that the top holes don’t have as much resistance so the lower holes won’t bring enough smoke in.

Matrix Percs are the kind of perc you wanna pair with another perc, that way you still get the best filtration which is the ultimate goal, but either way, you won’t be disappointed with it once you try it!

WS – Afterburner Matrix Perc Glass Straight Bong


You really can’t go wrong with any matrix bong you choose, or any other percolator bong for that matter simply because they are much better in my opinion than bongs that don’t have percolators because they don’t filter the smoke as much. BUT, at the end of the day any bong will pretty get the job done!

I hope this helps!

Please leave your favorite bongs down below or leave any questions you have for me down in the comment section and I’ll respond as soon as I can!