What is a Carb Cap

Dabbing really began to hit its peak in about 2009-2010.  This is when you starting seeing many dispensaries carrying potent concentrates and started to see more dab rigs and other products online. Because it got so popular, in 2013, the carb cap was invented, giving you a much smoother, and lower temperature hit.

What is a Carb Cap

Simply put, a carb cap is an essential tool used when dabbing. The purpose of a carb cap is to create another chamber to help with airflow and allow you to take dabs at a lower temperature which gives you the best results. It also is key to making sure you get the maximum amount of vapor off of each hit you take.

With dabbing, there are many pros to it but one of the cons is that if you take a sizeable dab, maybe a little more than you can handle, you’re really wasting a lot of your concentrates because once you start coughing, that leftover vapor just goes up and away, which in other words means you’re wasting money.

The reason the vapor escapes is because most dab rigs have an open system, which is the more classic style. The carb cap makes it a closed system, keeping all the vapor enclosed in the rig. This will allow you to cough at ease, while not worrying about wasting any so that way you can catch your breath, and then finish what you started.

Another con to taking dabs rather than smoking is that every hit you take uses butane(unless you’re using an E-nail) , so with that being said, you’ll probably either hit it while the nail is too hot or where the nail wasn’t hot enough. I’d say in my experiences due to the a/c and depending on the environment, you’ll hit it while it’s too hot at least 7 out of 10 times just due to the fact that you’re dealing with an almost impossible to time intense heat.

Using a carb cap will also help with cooling the nail as well as all the other functions mentioned above. All you do is slide it on top of the nail as you’re inhaling. Now as your inhaling the vapor you’ll notice it’s much harder to hit with a carb cap than without one, this is due to the pressure inside of the rig once you close off majority of the oxygen exposed. But the after feeling is exactly what you’d expect after taking a really fat dab, only you’ll have this feeling consistently even when you try to conserve your concentrates.

So if you’ve been dabbing for a long time, or you’re just getting into it and want to get the best experience, I would highly recommend trying one of these out because it’s worth it and they’re actually much cheaper than you’d think. Another cool thing about them is that it’s not a one size fits all kind of thing. They have all kinds of different carb caps depending on where you look and they have different carb caps for different types of nails. So you really can’t lose with any piece you have or choose to get with it.

I really hope this post helps you some comments and questions down below and I’d be happy to help you out! Have a nice day!