Glass Vs. Plastic Pipes

Glass Vs. Plastic (Acrylic) Pipes

So a lot of you out there are probably thinking about buying a new water pipe and wanna get it for a low price right? Well when deciding between plastic and glass, plastic is definitely the cheaper route. I remember the first acrylic bong I bought was only $17, and it was well worth the money. It was a tiny blue pipe that hit like a champ, however sometimes cheaper means less quality.

If you are considering buying a plastic bong, there are some key things you should know. The reason most people prefer glass over plastic is that although acrylic pipes are still transparent, you can’t really clean them properly. Now they do have a special cleaner that you can use to clean your bong but in my experiences with it, you just end up smearing the resin around instead of actually cleaning it off. And if you try to use alcohol and salt to clean it (standard cleaning method), then the plastic material will start to fade away. Once you accept the fact that it can’t really be cleaned and just change out the bong water on a regular, over time you’ll start to see that changing the water doesn’t really help as much. The downside to this is that you’re basically hitting out of a dirty pipe, and the dirtier the pipe is, the harsher the hit is.


While this is a big downside, there are some ways to get around the hit being so harsh. If you want to make your hit smoother, I would suggest getting a plastic pipe that has an ice catcher. An ice catcher is pretty much exactly how it sounds. It’s just a notch or notches in the tube, which allows ice to sit above the water making it much cooler and smoother to hit.

Like I said before, I owed a plastic pipe a few years ago so I’m not anti-plastic or anything, and there are more benefits to plastic bongs then just their transparency of course. Their size makes them very suitable to travel with, they’re also very light and very durable. Other than cleaning it with alcohol constantly, they’re almost impossible to break so that’s always a plus as well.


Lastly, even with all the benefits of plastic pipes, I’d still highly recommend choosing glass over plastic to smoke out of. Glass bongs come in all sorts of sizes and shapes, as well as giving off the cleanest hit you can get from a water pipe. Not only is it a lot better alone without additional attachments, but if you add some percs to your pipe, then the debate is simply out of the question.