What is an E Liquid Vape

So I’m assuming you’re probably here because you wanna start vaping right? Well, there are a couple things that are important to know first. I always recommend talking to a doctor before vaping if you are truly concerned about the health risks but nonetheless, it’s a lot better for you than some other things you could be smoking.


What is an E-Liquid Vape

So first I want to emphasize that there’s a difference between a vape pen and a dab pen. So what is an E-liquid Vape? An E-liquid Vape is basically an electronic cigarette, but instead of smoke coming out its vapor. This is used to replace the feeling of smoking tobacco. Most cigarette smokers have converted to this rather than continue to smoke cigarettes because its known to be much healthier for you than cigarettes.

One of the things that I like about vaping is that there almost the same as hookahs, in the sense that when you take a hit, so much smoke comes out! Smoking is an act, and it’s a really good stress reliever. That’s why some people that don’t even smoke like vaping or hookahs because sometimes just the act of blowing out smoke just feels really good. And an e-liquid vape is a perfect way for someone to relieve stress most of all because there are way fewer restrictions on these compared to cigarettes.

However, these vape pens are not to be confused with DAB pens, which are mainly used for vaping oil concentrates. With all the new different styles of pens and new attachments, it can get pretty tricky finding out which one works for you.  So I’m gonna explain all the benefits down below and on some other pages, I’ll explain some other types of vapes like dry herb vapes.



Benefits of Using a Vape

The good thing about vaping is that since there’s no smoke, you don’t have to worry about that nasty cigarette smoke lingering around you and your home. It’s much more non-smoker friendly too because most places that have no smoking signs will still allow you to vape around or inside the store.

Another good thing about using vapes over smoking cigarettes is that there is no tar, and no ash. This is due to the constant improvements in technology which is good because now you don’t have to worry about carpet stains or cigarette burns. But what this really means is that all the harmful chemicals and carcinogens have been taken out of the equation because the majority of the chemicals are found in the tar and the cigarette smoke.

Not to mention all the money that you’d be saving by switching over to e-cigs instead of cigarettes. Some people that smoke on a daily and have switched claim they have a much better style of living and have saved much more money. Some people save almost $1,500 a year!


Replaceable Parts

Now I’ll be honest and say that having to replace certain parts of an E-liquid vape can be avoided most of the time if you just invest in a decently priced one (I.E. like $50-$150). Anything out of that price range is either a huge steal or a huge risk lol. But in the case that you do get a cheaper one, here are some parts that are sold separately if they need to be replaced:


Battery- All vapes are run by the power of batteries. They produce the energy needed to heat and vaporize the concentrates or e-liquid. E-cigs will come with batteries built in them, however with the bigger vaporizers and bigger devices they can be bought separately. The larger the battery size, the longer the vape will last. It’s very easy to charge these batteries, you can just use a USB port for most of them.


Coils, Atomizers, and Wicks-  Atomizers are powered by the battery, which is where the heating of the coil and the wick takes place in the e-cigarette. They have many different types and styles of atomizers, but I think they are all really based on preference. Some of the more advanced vapes might have Atomizers that are outside of the tank separated from the coil and wick, while others are built in but the end, they are all great and essential parts of the e-cig. Without the atomizer, there would be no vapor.

A coil is made up of small pieces of metal, like nickel. It’s shaped in a spring-like form, and when the coil is heated up by the atomizer, the vapor is formed. A wick basically takes the e-liquid from the tank to the coil to be heated and vaporized. It’s also there to make sure that the coil doesn’t get overflooded. I’m sure we’ve all been there more than once so just a heads up if your coil starts to get clogged and you begin hearing gargling noise out of the pen, don’t panic! They are easily replaceable at many stores.


Cartomizers, Clearomizers, and Tanks- Clearomizers are basically a small cylinder shaped device that comes with a pyrex glass tank filled with e-liquid. This is one of the newer types of devices available on the market and one of the most popular because not only is it more modernized, but because you can actually see how much liquid you have left in the tank. Clearomizers uses a silica wick for heating the coil and vaporizing the e-liquid.

Cartomizers are somewhat similar to atomizers but they are typically better because they hold more e-liquid than an atomizer. They both do the same thing though, it’s just a way or method of the heating of the coil. Cartomizers use polyfill wrapped around a heating coil, while atomizers have a heating coil on the bottom with a metal mesh on the top of the coil.

Clearomizers, Cartomizers, and atomizers are basically just three different delivery methods for heating the coil. But for the most part, since they all do the same thing they are very similar. Clearomizers are typically more expensive because they are newer and more advanced technology wise, but they also have the longest lifespan out of the three so I would say that is probably the best choice, but you can’t go wrong with any of them.





So as I said there are many different types of e-cigs and vape pens but all you really know is what does what. Remember dry herb vapes are mainly for vaping dry herbs, dab pens are used mainly for vaping oil concentrates, and e-cigs and e-liquid vapes are mainly used for e-liquids and e-juices. The e-cigs are mainly for cigarette smokers that either wanna cut down, or quit completely. And even though the long-term effects of vapes are unknown, over 50% of cigarette smokers have switched over.

I hope this was helpful to you guys out there! Leave your comments down below and let me know what you wanna learn about next, have a nice day!