What is the Difference Between Hemp and Cannabis

What is the Difference Between Hemp and Cannabis

First, in order to grasp this concept, you have to first understand exactly what is what so you know why people have been thinking Hemp and Cannabis are the same thing. Let’s start with Cannabis:

Cannabis is a plant, and its a variety of another plant. the Cannabis-Sativa Plant, meaning it was bred from another plant. Hemp is also a plant, and its a variety of another plant as well. Can you guess which plant hemp comes from? That’s right! It comes from the plant known as Cannabis Sativa just like Cannabis does.

Industrial Hemp

But wait, if they both come from the same plant, what is the difference between hemp and cannabis?

Cannabis Plant

Biggest Differences

The biggest difference between them is the psychoactive chemicals or lack thereof in one of these plants compared to the other.

In other words, Cannabis, or Marijuana whatever you want to call it, usually contains at least 0.4% or more of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), while the hemp plant has only 0.3% or less THC in most cases. Any plant that has high amounts of THC that comes from the Cannabis-Sativa plant is automatically considered Cannabis.

This is extremely important because the effect that people get when smoking Cannabis is due to the higher amounts of THC in the plant. And hemp is known to have very LOW amounts of THC and sometimes it contains as little as 0%. Meaning that no matter how much you consume whether you’re smoking or using hemp oil, you can’t and won’t get high off of hemp.

Hemp is also used for many other important things than just smoking. Hemp is used to make clothes, rope, wax, and many more life changing resources we all use in everyday life.


I really hope this helped in positively changing your opinion on hemp as there are many benefits to having it freely accessible both economically and medically.

Let me know if you have any comments or questions and I’d love to help out as soon as possible!