Can you become addicted to Weed?

Can You Become Addicted to Weed?

If you’re here reading this, most likely you’re trying to figure out if you or a loved one is possibly addicted to weed. The interesting thing about this issue is that it’s very complex. The addiction that is associated with cannabis is different than that of alcohol or any other substances. So, can you become addicted to weed? The answer is yes and no.

Let me explain…

When you are addicted to more hardcore substances like alcohol, cocaine, or meth, or honestly even the nicotine from cigarettes, if you try to stop using these substances, your body will go through withdrawal. With marijuana, people mainly just develop a “dependence” rather than getting full-on addicted to it. This is known as “Marijuana Use Disorder”.

Withdrawal can be both physical and mental, including symptoms such as fatigue, vomiting, sickness, anxiety, and other horrible symptoms. The reason I say “yes and no” is because it’s complicated. When someone who smokes weed a lot tries to stop smoking, they don’t go through a “traditional” withdrawal phase.

Sure you might be a little irritable, might have a loss of appetite, but nothing crazy.

If you are the type of person who smokes daily or even sometimes a couple of times a day, but you’re still a functioning person and still are able to handle your business, I’d say you’re DEPENDENT on it but not addicted.

According to some recent studies, 30% of marijuana users may have some degree of marijuana use disorder. Honestly, in my opinion, this isn’t really even that high considering how many people smoke pretty frequently.

My Opinion

My opinion on drugs and addiction is different than that of most people. I believe someone who uses an addictive drug often, but still handles their business and takes care of their priorities isn’t addicted but dependent on that drug, no matter what drug it is.

I know that isn’t the popular opinion, but I just strongly believe there’s a difference between the example I just gave and someone that allows their dependence or addiction to get in the way of their priorities or their goals. That’s when I believe it’s an addiction because you can’t see the damage it’s doing.

So just my 2 cents, pretty much anything is okay in moderation. Now there are some exceptions to that rule of course, but for sure with weed, I think you’ll be okay even if you smoke every day just because the negative impacts are very minor compared to other drugs.

I hope this helped you out! Let me know if you have any questions down below!