Hey everyone! While I have recommended places to go and shop online for your smoke products, I wanna recommend some of the best products online depending on what you’re looking for. So I’ve broken it down into 2 categories with the top 3 items in each category down below.

Cheapest Dab Rigs/ Bongs

  1. Black Leaf – Glass Concentrate Oil Recycler Bubbler with Diffused Downstem – 15 cm Click here for pricing
  2. Grace Glass – Limited Edition Vapor Bubbler with Box Diffuser and Sidecar Mouthpiece – Black       
  3. Nano inline perc oil rig

Grinders and Vaporizers

  1.  Spacecase Grinder (Click here for pricing)

2. Cloud Pen 1.0

3.  G Pen Micro G Vaporizer Dual set for just $69.95!