Is Smoking Weed from a Bong Healthier

Is Smoking Weed From a Bong Healthier

So I’m sure there are plenty of health-conscious smokers out there who wanna know, is smoking weed from a bong healthier? In this particular discussion, there tends to always be multiple theories, as neither one can be scientifically proven. Of course, there have been some studies on this topic, but let’s just look at this logically here for a second.

We all know that when it comes to blunts or joints, joints are the healthier option. This is because instead of smoking a tobacco wrap which can leave tar inside your lungs, you’re smoking a clean and natural paper that is a lot better for your lungs. However, that paper is still going somewhere; not to mention the fact that with joints, dry pipes, or blunts, you’re inhaling hot unfiltered smoke, as the flame is going directly on the bud, which sometimes causes burning or irritation in your throat.

With a bong, the smoke is being filtered through the water, thus cooling down the smoke making it less harsh. In fact, water catches unnecessary ashes and weed particles that would go in your lungs to eventually become tar.

Some people argue that the water not only filters out some harmful gases found in marijuana smoke, but also filters out some THC. Let me just say that this: I’ve been smoking for many years, and I have never gotten higher from a joint or a blunt over a bong. So this theory that there’s less THC in bong hits, I disagree with; now as far as whether or not bongs are the healthier smoking method, I’d say it is.



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  1. I also think this is true. So I guess the bigger the bong the healthier it is, because bigger bongs have more water which filters out more harmful stuff. Unfortunately I don’t have much privacy and I can’t liberally blow clouds everywhere with a big bong. I still like smoking joints though, because when I first started smoking weed I started with joints, and it just takes me back to those good ol’ days.

    1. Yeah man I totally know what you mean, I never had the freedom to just smoke whenever I want either, but my friend did so I was at his house most of the time lol. As far as bigger bongs, some friends and I back in high school used to rip a 4 ft bong everyday right before school, definitely a huge difference! Gets you much higher.

  2. Hey, awesome site! To be honest that was something of an argument between friends for years and it cleared up some questions I have had. It was very clean and easy to navigate and the animated bongs in the background were a great touch. It looks very professional and it seems you put a lot of hard work into it.

    1. Hey Jack, thanks for the feedback I actually have worked pretty hard on it. And yeah man come back they’ll be plenty more where that came from!

  3. I guess one needs to think about is if the concern is to be healthy or not. However, I am not sure I am fully convinced smoking weed is healthy. I know it might be safer or better than cigarettes. However, what about young minds? Does it harm the shape and forming of a young mind? I do not agree with the government being in the way all of the time but is smoking weed healthy in the long run. This doesn’t stop everyone from smoking but I find it interesting that someone who does smoke weed wants to do it the “healthiest” way.

    1. Yeah I definitely see what you’re saying, me personally I don’t care about my health(when it comes to smoking) but you’d be surprised just how many concerned smokers there are out there. As far as young minds go.. I’m no doctor but I believe studies have shown that at a young age or any age, a person who smokes on a daily basis will slowly be killing their brain cells off but that’s pretty much it. Also at a young age, like 8, you would definitely notice a difference in development if they started smoking heavily at that age. Most people’s early ages of smoking begin from about 12-14.

  4. it has been scientifically proven that up to 90% of the toxins that are in marijuana smoke get filtered out by the bong water. Substances such as cytotoxins that can actually impair your cells are removed by the water as well. Your assumption is correct my friend so keep up the good work and thank you for another great article!

  5. That is really nice that with a bong the smoke is being filtered through the water and the water is making it less harsh. I have never smoked out of a bong before. It sounds like it could be a really great option. I will have to give it a try sometime.

    1. Yes you definitely should! I’ll be honest though when I first started smoking I never smoked out of bongs, and sometimes they can be pretty intimidating but bongs with percolators and attachments will make your hit really smooth. I hope you find what you’re looking for, if you have any questions feel free to let me know!

  6. Hey Gabriel 😉

    You mentioned some really good points in Your article! For example, I definitely agree that smoking through bong is much easier on the lungs, I can feel that 4 sure!
    It is much smoother compared to lets say- dry pipes. The whole smoking process is much more enjoyable.

    Can’t also deny the fact that bongs get me super blazed 😀 I think it is the fact that You inhale so much in one hit compared to joint/blunt, maybe that’s the reason why it is so intense :O
    I am not sure about water filtering THC… I think maybe it does filter just a little bit but nothing significant, but again, it is not proven scientifically 😀
    Keep up the good work Gabriel 😉

  7. Gabriel,

    I would rather medicate using a bong, it’s just a lot more effective and it’s tastier than using a wrap. I sometimes use papers as well, but it does take a lot of meds and would rather conserve and still get a great toke. Your site was very informal and your content is pristine. Thank you :).

  8. This topic is so relevant in today’s society. Many people try to hide the fact that they even indulge in smoking weed. I live in a weed legalized state. That makes weed very available and the products used to smoke. I have smoked weed since I was eleven years old. I have used bongs, wraps, joint paper, fonta leaf, you name it I smoked out of it. The best for me is joints I just like to smoke. Bongs or glass water pipes the smoke doesnt last as long as I would like. I do agree with you glass pipes get you much higher and I believe you dont lose any THC with glass pipes. Though it does matter what type of weed you are smoking. I enjoy talking about weed its a natural high. Peace!!!!!

  9. Hello, Gabriel
    Interesting post! I didn’t realize how many different ways there were to smoke weed. I read somewhere where smoking out of a bong had far-reaching health issues. I agree the water cools the smoke but the amount of smoke taken into the lungs has to play a part in your health. In the day all we did was roll a joint. I see now that it comes down to personal preference.

    1. Hi Kevin!

      I’m not aware of the dangers of smoking from a bong other than the typical dangers of smoking in general, however in my opinion it would be better to take in more filtered smoke that has little to no tar, rather than smoking a joint or blunt and inhaling the harsh smoke along with the paper it’s rolled in. 

      I hope this helps! Come back if you have any more questions!

  10. Well, I believe that smoking weed from a bong is healthier than in wraps. Just like you said, the water goes a long way to filtering out some of the negative parts of the weed smoke. I’ll recommend bongs to anyone who smokes that way long term it’s not as bad. Plus it makes it last longer lol 

  11. I must say that this article is very informative. Lol kinda reminded me of those old days when I was a teen and was smoking with my friends from high school! Smoking from a bong is DEFINITELY healthier than the other ways you could be doing it. Lol I would get a bong but I am not alone and I would not like to use it in front of my family. Thank you for such an interesting topic. 

  12. Hi Gabriel, 

    Thank u for this informative article. I am a fulltime smoker. I smoke weed pretty much everyday so I did some research about what is the best way to smoke and I found your article.

    I know now that the best way to smoke is to use a bong, I’ve just never tried one before because I first wanted to read some information about it. Thank you for this information man it was just what I needed to try it out!  


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