Is Alcohol Worse Than Marijuana

Is Alcohol Worse Than Marijuana

Many people, myself included, are under the belief that because something is legal, it is better for you than something that is illegal, when in fact that’s not always the case. So is alcohol worse than marijuana? In my opinion, this is a no-brainer when you really think about it but because of marijuana’s legality issues, and the fact that the drug has been demonized for so long, most people believe it is purely cancerous. Despite all the noise though, here are the facts:

Since 2006, AT LEAST 10,000 people PER YEAR die due to a drunk driving incident. That is a significant amount of unnecessary deaths that maybe could have been avoided if they were smoking too much rather than drinking too much. According to the DEA, there haven’t been any marijuana-related deaths up to date. Now there’s gonna be more statistics on alcohol because even research on marijuana has been limited due it being illegal, but this doesn’t change the fact that these two substances affect your body completely different.


For example, there are many negative outcomes when it comes to being drunk whereas when you’re under the influence of marijuana, these things don’t happen.

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or marijuana is definitely not advised, but driving drunk can be fatal.
  • Alcohol is much more addicting 
  • You can die from overdosing on alcohol

Effects of Alcohol and Marijuana

So just so we’re clear, NEITHER one of these substances are good for you. But if we’re talking about which one affects you more in a negative way, look at it like this. alcohol causes you to be more “loose” or “carefree” while also altering your physical and psychological control, but with marijuana, typically people are a lot more laid back or paranoid, sometimes causing a need to over-prepare for something or overthink. Studies have shown that drunk drivers usually go much faster than they think they are, whereas people driving under the influence, drove slower than the speed limit often times and are usually more alert due to the constant worrying.

Again with marijuana, ZERO deaths have been reported by the national highway traffic administration so would you rather have someone going too fast or too slow? Which is more dangerous?

Another way to decide between the two is to look at the effectiveness of the drug itself. Alcohol is one of the top 5 most addictive drugs in the world behind only heroin, cocaine, and nicotine. Now, this doesn’t mean that marijuana can’t be addictive because it can be, but even in context I would rather someone be addicted to marijuana than be addicted to alcohol. Smoking on a daily basis can be a very bad thing and a hard habit to kick, but needing alcohol every day to function is definitely a bigger issue because you are much more likely to be violent, end up driving somewhere, and more and more studies have shown that people that drink heavily are more likely to get cancer when they are older.


Smoking multiple times a day can be very tough on your lungs, and can very well lead to lung cancer. However, this is only true when you’re talking about cigarettes. With cannabis, there has been no scientifical evidence showing that someone who smokes marijuana is more likely to get lung cancer than someone who doesn’t. In fact, many cancer patients have been prescribed marijuana because it relieves pain, stress, and treats the human body as if it were the medicine it desperately needed. I don’t know too many doctors giving out prescriptions for alcohol.

Another thing I want to point out is that there are many drugs on earth you can overdose on. Cocaine, Meth, heroin, and even the great legal alcohol can kill you if you consume too much of it. There is definitely such thing as smoking too much weed, but you can never smoke enough to kill you. There have never been any reports of a marijuana overdose leading to an untimely death. So when you factor all these things in, I think it’s pretty clear which one is worse for you, despite what you may have heard.

I really hope this post clears some things up for you, please leave some comments down below I’d love to hear all of your opinions! Take care!


30 thoughts on “Is Alcohol Worse Than Marijuana

  1. I’m a recovering alcoholic and drug addict with 10 years of sobriety. My drug of choice was cocaine but I used marijuana almost daily and I drank daily. I believe that the danger of alcohol is not realized by many. It is considered socially acceptable to drink, very often even to be drunk too. Alcoholism has a devastating effect on families, very often with abusive behavior, drinking and driving and many other issues. 

    Marijuana is illegal in many places around the world, but those that are high are usually more mellow and yes like you say are more prone to drive slowly. I do believe that there is a time and a place for Marijuana since I do believe that when it is taken medicinally it can be very helpful for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and for other ailments. I have a close friend that has Multiple Sclerosis and it is helping her. However the effects of Marijuana must not be underestimated. It is addictive and it can have a negative impact on your mental health. 

    If you have to ask me to answer just which one is worse I would say alcohol for sure. 

    1. Hey Lynne!

      I first want to congratulate you on being 10 years sober! That is a huge accomplishment and deserves to be acknowledged because again alcohol is a very dangerous and addicting drug, so going long without it while trying to wing yourself off can be a very difficult task. In my opinion, the acceptance of alcohol mainly has to do with its legal status. I strongly believe if both drugs were illegal, it would be far more acceptable to be high vs drunk as it should be.

      You are right though about the negative effects that marijuana can have on your mental health if you abuse it though.

  2. I agree. Alcohol is much worse for sure. I can go on and on about personnel stories when alcohol was extremely abused. Things can always take a south turn at any moment while drinking heavy.

    One thing I can’t stand is when people plan on taking shots and getting really plastered and still wanting drive. They even talk about it, “lets get really plastered tonight that we can’t even walk strait” yet they refuse to get a designated driver. I knew people that have killed others by drunk driving like this

    1. This is also a pet peeve of mine. I personally hate driving when I go out because I know I can’t drink as much as I would like to, but like you said some people just don’t care. I’ve never understood why it’s so frowned upon to not want to drink and drive in those kinds of situations.

      1. I see it like this. Back when I was younger we could get a strait up DD (designated driver), any time we wanted . He or she would be like, “I’ll just have one or two,” beers or whatever and that would be cool with us heavy drinkers in the group. Getting a DD was always a must. Our whole lives ahead of us why risk it.

        But now it’s harder to get a DD because everyone is busy hustling or what not. They have kids and problems and stuff. You have to pay a cab or an Uber, or you and a wing-man can flip a coin.

        If you lost the flip, then fuck it, you gotta own that responsibility. We are all adults now.

        I have the greatest amount of respect for those that can just kick it with everybody and not have to drink at all. They can smoke out, or pop an Adderall lol, or just kick it sober. Keep badass conversations going without skipping beats. Everybody else can slur their words eventually, but the chicks love a man that can speak right for reals ?.

  3. I think you’re right about alcohol and the cons. It can be very addictive and there are many instances of really bad accidents related to alcohol use. You’ve got quite a few shocking stats here. 

    Like your other commenter, I’ve seen the medicinal use of marijuana, and the positive outcomes (even when topically applied). 

    I haven’t seen any “good” uses for alcohol though. To answer your question…I think alcohol is more harmful, but both are addictive and can be difficult to use in a disciplined way.

    1. Hey Tiffany!

      I couldn’t agree with you more, both marijuana and alcohol use can still be very hard to keep at a “reasonable” limit. This is why it is important to always use in moderation if you can and to do it more socially than to make it an all day everyday ritual.

  4. You know, maybe I am a prude but I think both alcohol and marijuana are bad for you.  I really can’t believe that marijuana is getting legalized in so many states actually.  I think that if it is medically required, then a prescription from the doctor should be needed, just like any other prescription that is medically needed.  

    1. Hey!

      You’re not a prude lol maybe just a bit misinformed or a little afraid to try something different which is totally understandable. And maybe I do agree with you, however, my only concern is that you don’t mention alcohol having to be prescribed and it’s a much stronger drug. Wouldn’t you agree?

  5. There is no gain in either one so I’m saying that these two substances are harmful. Nevertheless, alcohol is more dangerous because it has an indirect effect on the liver, causing the liver to do more work. Alcohol alters the mind physical and psychological making it hard to make the right decision and causing more harm than marijuana. Just remember that both are dangerous, stay off them!

  6. Unfortunately we live in a society that as you said that sometimes we think it is ok to take one thing rather than another because legally it is ok. So people look at you funny if you tell them you smoke marijuana but they’re ok if you are over there drunk acting like a complete fool. It is the way this society is set up, and funny enough if we think about it it is always because in the alcohol industry there are so many millions to be made that too many pockets are cashing in to say something negative about it and government will be the first to decide to turn a blind eye to the problem and concentrate on some other drugs like marijuana that in the long hand are a much better choice.

  7. This is a debate where a lot of us have different opinions on which is better either alcohol or marijuana. In my opinion, I think you made a really good point. The fact is that even if both of these are not good for the body, I would definitely take marijuana over alcohol.

    The fact that no driving deaths have been a result of marijuana is a good point to prove which one is better than the other. Besides marijuana makes one be calm and as you say tend to over think situations. So in my opinion marijuana is better than alcohol because we all know most people that are aggressive people tend to get MORE aggressive when drinking alcohol, enabling them essentially. 

  8. I love this post. Alcohol itself is dangerous to health and many have lost their lives because of an overdose of too much consumption of alcohol. Alcohol has side effects and both christians and muslims discourage the consumption of alcohol. But I will like to know the side effects of taking alcohol in small doses irregularly, because then I don’t think it’s really that bad.

    As for marijuana, smoking too much marijuana may not result to death instantly, but remember that not everybody’s brain can carry high doses of marijuana and some take it and get mad. High doses of marijuana vary from individuals depending on their brain capacity. Anyways, I have just learned a new thing from reading your post today because I never knew that marijuana is being prescribed for patients for the alleviation of pain. I only thought that it was used for the production of analgesic drugs.

  9. Great post and good info.

    I think nowadays it is already be proven that alcohol does more harm than Marijuana. 

    Because of that, it is much safer and healthier to use it, which I also found in my own studies. 

    But because the taxes on alcohol are so high, this is legal, and many people die because of it, by drinking too much and possibly overdosing or going into a coma, or by driving. 

    I’m definitely gonna share this so my friends that don’t smoke but drink like idiots can see it lol thanks!

  10. For me, they are both drugs, thus, they both can affect persons adversely. It is true though…I have never heard of a marijuana related death…so that stands for something, but there are some people who get “messed up” after trying weed. I usually wonder if they had some other condition that caused them to react so adversely to the drug. What is also interesting is that many people do not view alcohol as a drug but indeed demonize marijuana…I’ve always found that interesting and hypocritical.

    1. Hey Alicia!

      Yes you are right they are both drugs, and so is the medicine that doctors give you. I look at it more of a medicine, that helps people with anxiety just like people who get stressed out feel the need to go get drunk to take the edge off. Lol you are right it’s very hypocritical.

  11. This is absolutely interesting. One thing for sure is that I’m not a fan of both of them. However, in my opinion, I tend to think that alcohol is much worse because of the fact that it can actually kill you. There have been many deaths when it comes to alcohol, but in the case of Marijuana, it’s not that much. 

    To conclude, I think that Alcohol is dangerous than Marijuana.

    I’ll share this blog post with my friends and see what they think.

  12. Yes I will agree that alcohol is worse than marijuana. Though the two are both bad but one is much worse. My reason for accepting this claim is the fatal accidents and injuries that drunk drivers can encounter, and this does cause a large percentage of the total number of accidents in the United States. So even though marijuana does get people high and its excess can cause people to become lunatics, still, alcohol is more dangerous to me.

    Thanks for such an insightful post man!

    1. Hey Darrick!

      Yes and believe it or not there are drunk driving accidents all over the world so this is a major issue and will continue to be a major issue until the public starts treating alcohol as more of a “drug” and marijuana as more of a “drink”.

  13. I agree with you that alcohol is much worse. A lot of people die more under the influence of alcohol. This is a must read for everyone and I will take it upon myself to rebroadcast. I must commend you for sharing this post because this has informed and educated me on the harms of both alcohol and marijuana the fact that one thing is legal doesn’t make it more beneficial than the other which is illegal.

  14. Yes and Yes, alcohol is worse than marijuana. Marijuana has a tendency to get an individual so high to the extent of being psychoactive but nonetheless, they would still be conscious of their immediate environment. But alcohol is a killer machine that has led to various deaths. I lost a friend to drink driving. The accident was so fatal that it led to the death of four high school students too. Alcohol should be treated like drugs and there should be strict restrictions placed on it.

    1. Hey RoDarrick!

      I couldn’t agree more! Alcohol in some ways is even worse than cigarettes because a person can be unhealthy but still conscious, while if you are really drunk often you’re likely to be both unhealthy and unconscious of your immediate surroundings.

  15. Hi there!

    Man is this topic my favorite- Alcohol versus cannabis. What a joke!! The Government officials all get plastered and behave badly at times because this is what alcohol does to people but if they had a wee smoke, there would be less anger and more laughter.

    Marijuana wins in my opinion hands down, and it’s not even close!I used to drink but stopped back in 1996 as I saw too many people behaving so badly and friends dying from alcohol-related accidents I couldn’t drink anymore

    It needs to be the other way around but that’s not gonna happen anytime in our lifetime and it truly is sad. 

    1. Hey Vicki!

      You hit it right on the head! Alcohol is a drug, a legal drug but a drug, and even government officials will use this powerful and dangerous drug at celebrations and conferences and yet it goes unnoticed and is wildly accepting.

      Scary times we’re living in where deaths caused by alcohol doesn’t matter but we care if someone “smells” or looks “high” lol.

  16. I do not understand why people who have epilepsy end up taking marijuana as a recourse or solution to their health. It is known to “supposedly” help by some neurologists but I believe it is just insane. I would never ever in a gazillion years do such a thing, no matter how legal it is. I think things that are also legal can kill people regardless, it’s all bad.

  17. Alcohol, to me, is way much worse than what marijuana could do. In fact, strict restrictions should be placed on alcohol. Though marijuana has high tendencies of turning its users into a being psychoactively high due to THC but then, they would be considerate of happenings around them but the death toll that is associated with alcohol is just way too much than to be given any credibility. Very interesting read this was for me man thanks!

  18. Cannabis has many medical uses that actually treat ailments when used properly. It’s truly non-addicting and can be consumed in other ways rather than smoking it which negates the “lung cancer” argument. Because of its more natural state the body recognizes it and processes easier and better than the synthetic medicines prescribed by doctors. These are many of the reasons as to why it is now legal in many states. The prescription drug industry hates it as it stands to lose a lot of money. None of these are true to alcohol. Great post!

  19. I definitely think this one is a no brainer, too!  I’ll preface this by saying I’m not a smoker, but I’d much rather deal with a ‘pothead’ than a drunk ANY day. Seriously. I agree that marijuana is definitely not “good for you” but it’s the lesser of the two by far. Plus, someone high on weed is less likely to drive anywhere as they’d raid their fridge to the last jar of ketchup before getting up to head to the store unless they have to. Plus you never hear of someone getting “too high” and beating their wives and kids, do you?  Yeah, I 100% agree, weed is better than alcohol.

  20. Interesting read for me and surely I subscribe to the group of people who thinks alcohol is a generation reaper and should be treated as a drug too. Yes, marijuana is dangerous due to THC but then, how do we explain the mass deaths caused around the world by drunk drivers. Alcohol makes a person lose their sense and irresponsible to which they engage in deeds that are just very dangerous to the entire populace. It shouldn’t be given any form of credibility at all because its more dangerous than marijuana.

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