How to Clean Your Pipe

How to Clean Your Pipe

So one thing I find very important and all of you should as well, is making sure that your pipe is relatively clean. If you are someone that uses your glass pipe daily, then you’re definitely going to wanna clean it as often as possible. I try to clean my pipes (the ones I use the most) at least once every 2 weeks, weekly is preferred but anywhere in that range is typically ideal.

The only materials you need to clean your glass pipe are isopropyl alcohol, salt, and water. Once you have these ready, the steps from here are quite simple:

Step 1: Pour the alcohol and salt into the pipe

Step 2: Add some water to dilute the mix (not too much)

Step 3: Shake it up for about 2 to 5 min

Step 4: Rinse thoroughly before using again.

That’s it! This is the most simple cleaning method that you can use and doesn’t take too much time at all. I strongly advise those of you who use your pipe more than often to clean it regularly because when the pipe starts to have too much resin in it, your hits start to feel like less of a hit. This is due to all the resin clogging up your pipe, which is why it’s important to clean it when you can.