How Does Cannabis Help Cancer

How Does Cannabis Help Cancer

With all the juicy headlines in the media and everything being more exposed now on social media, one of the most controversial topics in the world right alongside politics and race is cannabis, and whether or not it should be legalized for medical or recreational use. But, there are many people who still don’t believe in the medicinal benefits of this “evil drug”, so exactly how does cannabis help cancer?

Well first, you need to know the history of Cannabis. As crazy as it sounds there was a time many many years ago when Marijuana wasn’t illegal and people weren’t harshly punished for having possession of or selling it, and no one judged you for using this harmless plant.

According to an article on “Marijuana’s History: How One Plant Spread Through The World”, the first record of the drug’s medicinal use dates back to 4000 B.C and was mainly found in China. Back then it was mainly used as an anesthetic when patients would undergo surgery.

And after that somewhere between 2000 B.C and 1400 B.C is when it began spreading from Asia into middle eastern Europe where it was then known as the “release from anxiety”. The point of all this is to say that Marijuana has been used as a medicine or as a meditation method for many years, and it wasn’t until 1937, when the U.S government passed the Marijuana Tax Act, sending people to prison for using and selling cannabis.

The kicker is that just a few years later in 1941, they removed Marijuana from the U.S Pharmacopoeia, meaning that the medicinal benefits were no longer recognized in the United States, and professors and scientists were pretty much forbidden to do research on the drug because it was listed as a Schedule 1 Drug.

How Patients Feel After Using Cannabis Products

Since some of the recent laws have changed giving scientists more access to do research on the effects of cannabis and how it helps cancer patients, most studies have shown that the chemicals found in marijuana could lead to a breakthrough in the treatment for cancer patients.

There are 2 different compounds found in Cannabis:

  1. Delta 9 tetrahydrocannibinol (THC)
  2. Cannabidiol (CBD)

THC is reported to act as a pain reliever, it helps with reducing inflammation, and can help with anxiety. CBD helps patients who suffer from seizures and can help with paranoia and anxiety. To be honest there really isn’t a difference between the 2 chemicals except for the fact that CBD doesn’t give you that “high” feeling that you get with THC.

The nausea that many cancer patients are feeling, comes from chemotherapy, and some studies found that when patients smoke marijuana it helps get rid of that feeling. Smoking or vaping marijuana also has shown to help patients with neruopathic pain which is caused by damaged nerves like your joints in your fingers, legs, et.

That itself is pretty impressive, but the biggest discovery was made by a Spanish microbiologist who was the first person to notice that CBD acted as an anti-cancer agent because it would slowly disrupt the cancer cells communication between each other, and can help speed up the process of killing off the infected cells by shutting off some of the cellular growth receptors.

THC has been found to reduce the growth of cancer tumors.


As you can see, even if not every single patient feels the positive benefits of smoking cannabis, many patients DO and it has been proven to have critical medicinal value to so many cancer patients all over the country.

So, there’s no doubt in my mind that literally 100% of people should at least support the use of medicinal marijuana because it helps cancer patients in so many different ways, and we’re barely learning the effects it has, there could be more.

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  1. I totally agree with this article because medically cannabis is very good for cancer and most cancer patient take because it helps them but my question is this, is too much cannabis actually good for the body and health of an individual?, please i will like to get a reply about this topic… Thanks for this article.

    1. To answer your question directly I don’t of a specific amount that will kill you or start t impact your health or your life in a negative way. Again no one has ever “overdosed” just on cannabis alone. If there have been anyone that has died while high they were high on multiple drugs.

  2. There has really been a lot of confusion on whether cannabis is good for the body or not. I for one have not taken it but have read a lot about it. I think people kinda feel because this plant has similar functioning properties to marijuana that it would still have the same effect as marijuana.

    Marijuana got banned because of its highing effect and it is one of the reasons people are just refusing to accept cannabis because even if it doesn’t make someone become high but they feel because they have similar properties that it would definitely have that getting high feeling.

    Cannabis has many health benefits and I think it would get to the time whereby the world would accept this amazing plant and its benefits.

    1. Hey Jay! 

      I think your confusing Cannabis with CBD… CBD oils that don’t contain any THC is what won’t give you the high effect. Cannabis and Marijuana are practically the same thing it’s just another name for it. However my question to you is, what is the difference between being drunk and being high? Again if it was banned because of the “highing effect” but I would argue I’d still want my driver to be high rather than drunk. So why was it banned?

  3. This is a concise and informative blog post. You have thoroughly explained in details from different perspectives for everyone digesting this post to understand the major points and tips shared in this article. I have read about cannabis but not as in-depth as this article. This happens to be the most extensive and comprehensive article I have ever read on eradicating cancer. I hope everyone can read and digest this lovely information.

  4. Hello.
    Very good article. I think people should think a bit outside of the box when it comes to marijuana. Medicinal marijuana itself has very healthy effects, as you wrote, and I totally agree with you! Fun fact: When God exclude Adam out of paradise, he tore a plant that was supposed to be a vine, but I think it was a marijuana :).Keep it up.

    1. Hey Andrej! 

      You’re absolutely correct, we have to think outside the box in order to really understand the positive effects of marijuana because most of what we think we know about this very valuable plant, has been told by people who want you to think its bad, therefore only pointing out the negative effects of it although there are very few.

  5. Hey Gabriel,

    After reading your excellent article, I learned a lot more about the benefits of Marijuana. I’ve read several times in magazines and newspapers about this special plant, that supposedly comes with a medicinal quality. I used to enjoy marijuana as a recreational drug occasionally. However, I’m very pleased to know more about its history and its effective role in cancer, paranoia, and anxiety as well. I think the use of Marijuana should be free and open in every country like Canada. Thank you sincerely for the important article.

  6. Wow! Now I’m truly surprised at the benefits of using cannabis. Your post has given me some very valuable knowledge in this field. I am not a smoker, but I have heard you can use this in an oil form. Would you advise this? I have also heard it’s good for arthritis too, again can I use the oil version for this problem?

    1. Hey Derek!

      Yeah, I feel obligated to post about these topics because many people have been brainwashed into thinking that it’s this horrible drug that will kill us all if we keep smoking it lol. As far as using the oil version, cannabidiol, you can use the oil version known as CBD, and it has shown positive progress with cancer patients appetites and can help reduce pain which would help if you had arthritis.  

  7. First of all, I want to thank you for writing such an empirical article about Cannabis. The unpleasant truth is that the world’s pesky and selfish businessmen have presented Cannabis negatively to the people and they have been postponing future medication because of this and have been doing business with drug dealers in the background. At present, it is clear in the modern world that cannabis is not a harmful substance, and it has a lot of roles to increase our immune system. I fully agree with you that Cannabis Help prevents Cancer. I appreciate your writing again on this topic because I am a true believer in using this recreationally and medically. Thank you very much!

  8. It makes sense that cannabis was used for anesthetic back in China for surgery it can be pretty potent stuff.

    The bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger used to take it after a big workout to relax his muscles and though I think

    some of the stuff he used to do was pretty wild.

    I’ve seen videos on Facebook of children shaking wildly and then been given this cannabis oil and it stops! It’s crazy to think it can have that kind of effect on people with such horrible health conditions.

    It would be great if there was more scientific funding and research conducted for this drug in the future as more and more parts of the world are legalizing its production.

    What do you think needs to happen in order for more research to be approved into the health benefits and medicinal use of cannabis in mainstream society?

    -All the best

  9. I very much agree with the history you provided, in some countries of Southeast Asia, Cannabis (resin) was in fact sold as over the counter drug until it was prohibited. I have seen a lot of documentaries about Cannabis treating epilepsy, seizures and cancer. It has specific enzymes that has proven helpful for cancer therapies like for example managing pains and nausea. 

    My question would be, are there listed side effects after taking the CBD oil, like tachycardia or hypotension for example? I know there are still a lot to prove on the effectiveness of CBD products. But one thing’s for sure, if it really helps, if it really eases the pain then I don’t see any harm as long as it is taken with proper treatment.

    Thank you for this informative article. I hope the issues of CBD will all be settled so it can be used worldwide and not just in specific countries or state. Again, with doctor’s advice and proper medication.

  10. Thanks a lot for sharing the history of Marijuana and I got helpful insights. It’s really sad to read how the helpful plant was listed as Schedule 1 Drug. It is great news to hear that the laws are changed now and scientists are doing research.

    I lost my friend and relatives to cancer. I cried and prayed for a great discovery to cure any stage of cancer which can be used by everyone (Affordable price). I believe Cannabis is going to be the answer to the prayers and I love to see Cannabis be proved and recognized medically.

  11. I appreciate your writing on this topic. There has really been a lot of confusion on whether cannabis is good for the body or not. I totally agree with this article because medical cannabis is very good for cancer and most cancer patient take it. At present, it is clear in the modern world that cannabis is not a harmful substance, and it has a lot of roles to increase our immune system. Cannabis has many health benefits and I think it would get to the time whereby the world would accept this amazing plant and its benefits. But my question is this, is too much cannabis actually good for the body and health of an individual?

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