Different Bong Percolators

Different Bong Percolators

The really cool thing about bongs is that there’s always one that fits your preference. Whether you want a bong that has lag because you’re really experienced and wanna feel a huge rip every time, or if you’re a beginner who thinks that bongs are too harsh. There are many different bong percolators out there that your bong can be equipped with to ensure that you have the most satisfying experience possible. I’ve broken down a few of the more common percs down below:


The tree perc was one of the first percolators that began to spread globally shortly after its existence. And it’s probably the one you think of the most when you hear “percolator bong”.

This perc is very interesting because it sometimes comes with multiple chambers, making it slightly overrated because when paired with other percolators this works really well, but that doesn’t take away from its greatness. Basically, it’s a smaller oval shaped tube that has arms or slits attached to the bottom.

However, these arms could have up to like 8 slits, meaning there is a lot of smoke diffusion but you need to keep these types of bongs straight up and down as much as possible to make them more effective.

Gridded Inline

The gridded inline perc is a large horizontal tube that is found at the base of the bong. It has slits or holes that filtrate the smoke very well.

It’s very similar to a diffused downstem, but the difference is that a diffused downstem is inserted at an angle and is usually much smaller. While the inline perc is always flat at the bottom.

In my opinion, you can’t go wrong with these 2 inline percolator bongs if you were looking for one to test out.


A showerhead perc is a tube that is placed vertically in the center of the pipe. This tube has slits down the sides and is wrapped around with a smaller tube, this help with the diffusion of the smoke. The slits are what helps filtrate the smoke creating more bubbles.

The showerhead perc may also be known as the “UFO Perc”. It almost looks like the tree perc, but if you look closely you can see the difference.


The sprinkler percolator and the tree percolator are very alike in a way, as they both do an amazing job at separating and diffusing the smoke; however, the hit that you get with the sprinkler perc, in my opinion, tends to be a bit smoother. I say this because with the sprinkler, instead of having arms it has smaller tubes that flare out at the bottom of the pipe like a sprinkler, thus making more bubbles meaning better diffusion due to the multiple holes.


The honeycomb perc is in the form of a disc and can be found toward the bottom of the pipe. This perc allows for great filtration due to the holes in the disc making it look like a “honeycomb”.

This is good because if the holes are too small like other disc percolators, then there is a drag in the pull. However, with the holes being as big as they are, there is very minimal lag with this perc.  Click here for more options

Diffused Downstem

The diffused downstem (aka straight) is a more basic type of percolator but is still highly effective. It has slits and holes in the downstem that diffuse the smoke very well, it also goes really well with an ice catcher too. Definitely one of the more commonly used percolators.

16 thoughts on “Different Bong Percolators

  1. Hi, i was browsing your site the other day when it was slightly different and the different style of menu and other bits have made a good impact, i’ve never used half the things mentioned on your blog but i am a daily smoker so i can relate to this a lot! Add a few more images on there and it will be a top site, Jack.

    1. Thanks yeah just working at it piece by piece. It blew my mind when I found out about the huge selection there is too!

  2. This website was interesting to peruse because I know very little about the subject matter. I did not know there were so many variations of bongs, and that, aside from the aesthetics, there is a reason for the differences.
    It seemed to me that the sequence of introduction for each bong was that they became progressively a little more sophisticated.
    The information here is certainly comprehensive.

    Would there be a reason for a person to have more than one bong? Also, if a person had discovered a new bong, what do they do with the one that they are no longer using?

    The images are great!

    1. Hey thanks Judith, to answer your question about someone having more than one bong. Sometimes even a great bong can get old after a while, and so switching it up every now and then just keeps things fresh and not so routine. Also some people sell their old bongs if they don’t want them, or just keep them and add them to the collection!

  3. I know a bit about the concept of the bong and how it works but what exactly are the sections and parts that determine how good the bong is? Like is it the tube length, amount of water that passes through the vapor or what?

    Also the Gridded Inline perc looks very fragile with all of it’s internal parts, is it durable?

    1. Well the sections and parts would be referred to as chambers and percolators. A chamber is really just the empty space that’s usually filled up with water that smoke can build up in. A bong with multiple chambers i.e the tree perc, usually has multiple percolators also so those are always good signs.

      And to answer your question about the inline perc, it definitely is durable. The more parts a bong has doesn’t necessarily mean it’s any less durable than a bong with no extra parts.

  4. Wow I never knew there were so many variations of bongs. Seems interesting. Since you know so much about bongs. Would you recommend me a beginner bong that I can try for the first time. Something that would make it easier to use. Thanks a lot. I;m not looking for a complex mechanism

  5. Hi! I am personally not a smoker but am all for it! I don’t believe it is harmful and actually believe it to be medically beneficial for many! I must say after visiting your site I have learned a lot and you have a great amount of knowledge! Keep up the great work and if I ever do need any info to start as a beginner I know where to go lol!! Great job!

  6. I’ve been looking for something like this. Theres isn’t enough good websites on quality glass water pipes. Looking to get a gift for a friend as a house warming gift.
    Do you have a preference as to which one is most popular these days.
    Once again thank you for the quality information. Cedric H

    1. Thanks Cedric and yeah you’d be surprised there isn’t much info on this stuff out there. But yes if you’re looking for the most popular types of percolator bongs, I’d go with one that has a tree perc, or one with a honeycomb perc. Either way, you can’t go wrong!

  7. You know as a non-smoker, who slowly is starting to consider adopting this so-called “bad habit” lol, I find bongs and all the different types of cool pieces really unique! I mean they just come out with designs you would never even imagine! I’m definitely gonna show some friends.

  8. Hello Gabe, very interesting and wonderful to see just how far, glass water pipes have progressed. As I read your post, really good by the way, I started to reflect back to college days and the basic pipes available then. One in particular was the Hooker pipe. Is that still popular? One suggestion and that concerns the images, especially the honeycone pipe. It would have been nice/helpful to actually see the honeycones. Perhaps another view. The sprinkler also, but you could see them in that view. Thanks

  9. What a great article! Thanks for posting that. I really learned alot from your site so thanks for the info!
    I bet you be getting high as a kite with these joints don’t lie baby! I love the options provided here. Maybe you could post some videos of the bongs in action?
    That’s just my two cents. Thanks again for the great article! I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for your future content!

  10. I like the information you’ve compiled on this site Gabe, well done, hope it generates good traffic for you.

    All the best from Thailand!

    1. Hey Sean!

      Thanks man I really appreciate the feedback, I’m glad you found this site helpful! Just out of curiosity what are the laws surrounding legal marijuana like in Thailad?

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