Can you smoke wax out of a bowl

Can you smoke wax out of a bowl?

So I’ve actually heard this question a lot over the years, can you smoke wax out of a bowl? If you only put wax in the bowl, then it’ll likely melt the wax through the screen or the hole, therefore your wasting majority of it and not getting the full effect.

But, if you are not going to use a dab rig for your concentrates, I’d recommend packing the bowl a little to about half way with your bud, and then put a decently sized dab on top of the bowl. Some people even put a dab or two wrapped around their joints or blunts. You’ll see it start to sizzle a little from the wax melting, and it makes the high that much better.

However, if you decide to place some on top of your bowl, do your best not to burn the wax directly.. just light around it and the wax will start to sizzle a bit and burn slowly, so you definitely don’t wanna put the flame directly on it.

Again though the best way to get the full of effect of dabbing is to just a get a dab rig. There are some really cheap ones out there you can find online, even if you just invested in a dab pen for $20-$30, it will be a much better experience in the long run. Hope this was helpful! Dab Rigs

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