Black Leaf Beaker Base 6 -Arm Perc Ice Bong Review – One of the best bongs available online

Product: Black Leaf Beaker Base 6- Arm Perc Bong
Price: $84.99
Cheapest Place to Buy: Grassity
Height of Bong: 14.9 in (39cm)
Joint Size: 18mm>14.5mm
Percs: 6 arm tree perc, splash guard, and ice notches!!   
My Rating: 9.6 out of 10

Product Overview

For most people, when it’s their first time smoking, it usually isn’t out of a bong. In reality, you’ll probably start out by taking a hit from a blunt or a joint, maybe for some even a pipe. As I look back to all the years of smoking with all types of different bongs, it was a bong similar to this one that made me want to explore all the different options. The Black Leaf Beaker Base 6- Arm Perc Ice Bong, definitely worth the investment. I’ve always been a sucker for bongs with a tree perc, but in my opinion, it just hits smoother than any other perc besides the honeycomb perc. I’d say they’re even.

As you get more familiar with bongs, you’ll notice that depending on the day, or the way that you hit it, or the way you are leaning while you hit it; sometimes these different factors can affect the smoking experience in a bad way. Now of course not so bad that you don’t want to hit it again, because as most smokers know sometimes these things just happen, sometimes you just have those hits that just seem impossible to get through. However, with this bong, pretty much all that goes away, to a rare occasion to say the least.

My girlfriend and I have been dating for some time now, and of course, when we first got together she would really only smoke on occasion.. but after some years I’m sure you can imagine that’s changed! Now for the longest time, she always had a hard time being able to rip the bong without nearly choking after every hit but NOW, she’s ripping it like a champ on an even bigger rip than our previous bong. I personally didn’t struggle as much with our last bong but even I definitely notice a huge difference in the feel of hitting from this bong.

This nearly 1 1/2 ft water pipe is definitely one of the best in its class. I’ve rated it a 9.6 out of 10 because it literally made my smoke sessions a lot better! It’s got a 6 arm tree perc for supreme percolation, a splash guard for another filtration accessory, and also come with ice notches to make your hit super smooth. Now it does have some minor drawbacks that I’ll explain later in the review but overall, it’s a great buy!

Cleaning Your Bong Properly

Cleaning this one will be no different than cleaning any other bong you’ve had before, just use alcohol and salt. Now one of the drawbacks of having a water bong with multiple chambers is that you need to get the resin out of each additional chamber along with the base when cleaning it. This is the only thing that I not necessarily dislike about it, but it can feel tedious at times. But hey ya know you’re investing in a nice bong, so you wanna make sure it stays relatively clean. So it’s important that when you add your alcohol after pouring some salt in your bong, that you make sure that there’s salt on your top of your percolator or at least in the chamber.

So the easiest way to do it is to clean the base first, then move onto to the chambers. You’ll start by emptying out the dirty bong water, but when you do this you should notice that there’s still water in the chambers. To empty out the chambers you must keep turning your bong upside down over and over again as it only pours out a little bit at a time. Once it’s completely empty, then pour some salt in the base, and then pour a lot of salt through the top of the bong to make sure it gets in all of the chambers. Next, you add a fairly decent amount but of course not too much of isopropyl alcohol through the top and through the base. Once you’ve shaken it up a bit and start to see it clear up, dump out the dirty water. When you do this, you should notice that the water is out of the base, but there’s still water in the chambers. Again to get this water out, you will need to keep turning your bong upside down over and over again because the chambers empty out only a little bit of water at a time.

After you’ve cleaned both the base and the chambers, this isn’t mandatory but I always like to just pour some more salt in the bong and give it one more rinse to get that alcohol out of there and make sure that you’re not tasting that on your next rip! Once rinsed thoroughly, you’re all set!

Why I Recommend It 

Well you’re obviously interested in buying a new bong, and that’s already exciting in itself, but when you are unwrapping your packaging and you finally take it out and start to get ready for your first rip… there’s nothing more exciting than that! I can guarantee you guys that you will fall in love with this bong the same way I did when I took my first rip. It hits like magic, just throw some ice in the top and take a nice long, smooth, cool hit and take it in. The tree perc gives it great diffusion, along with the splash guard on top to help stop water from getting into your mouth.

More than anything, if you’re coming from a bong with no percolation at all, I would highly recommend trying this one out because it’s a completely different feel. When you try it almost feels like you’ve been missing out.. and those really fat rips that you take out of a regular bong and sometimes find yourself coughing a lot, with this bong you can forget about that for the most part. It is much easier to hit from, and it’s just the right size so you can have a nice sesh and do it the right way.
And for you experienced smokers out there who just wanna try out some new bongs, this is for you guys for sure. For the price, you really can’t beat it, not to mention that the shipping is extremely fast and always comes exactly as promised. You can always count on for some great bongs, definitely one of my favorite online headshops. Click here for more options


I’m happy with the rips I’m able to take on this bong and I know it’s gonna be a great hit every time. So I’m definitely a huge fan of this product, and that’s why I highly recommend you check it out and try it for yourself. Black leaf makes some really nice glass and like I said, for the price you’re basically cutting your costs in half by purchasing this product online, rather than trying to get one similar from a local smoke shop.

One thing you should know about this product though is that you have to understand the water levels and where they should be at so you have a good experience. I’ll be honest this is something I struggled with when I first got into percolator bongs. It’s not hard or anything, but it just takes some getting used to, but once you get the feel for it,  you’ll be just fine. So you want the water in the base to be more than a little below the down stem separation, and the water in the tree perc chamber should be just a little about the last slit on the top of the tree perc arms (jellyfish looking thing) on the top.

I hope this review was helpful to you guys, please feel free to share your own personal reviews, or leave any questions or concerns down below and I’d be happy to respond back to guys as soon as possible.





6 thoughts on “Black Leaf Beaker Base 6 -Arm Perc Ice Bong Review – One of the best bongs available online

  1. Hey there I have purchased a few bongs online before but nothing like this one. It sounds like I will get a much better rip also lol. I didn’t no that cleanong it was so important also can’t wait to try, $100 bucks is a great price to glad I came across your site

    1. Yeah man, it’s crazy how much of a difference there is when you have a clogged up bong as opposed to having a clean and smooth hit. Lol and yeah $100 is nothing compared to the ones in your local smoke shop. Thanks!

  2. Great review. Great article. I know many smokers who smoke blunts, papers, pipes and bongs. Smoking out of a bong is the best because its pure natural. Blunts have tobacco with chemicals, papers have chemicals too.

    Yet with a bong you are only taking in pure goodness. I already have a few people in mind that I am going to share this with.

  3. Oh boy!

    I’m back Gabriel! It’s time to say that the pieces you write about are always high quality and you definitely have a test in my style as well! This is a great piece for the price, and I smile every time I read a great article by you. Excellent job.

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