Best Places to Buy Bongs Online

Best Places To Buy Bongs Online 

So of course when shopping online for a water pipe, it’s easy to get lost in all the variety of different pieces and all the different places you can shop online. With that being said, I’m going to be giving you the best places to buy your bongs online.

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These 5 websites are all 100% legit and have some of the best prices you can possibly find online. I’ve personally ordered from all 5 of these online shops and I highly recommend that you check these websites out when searching for your next water pipe.

As far as pricing goes, they’re all gonna be fairly around the same price but as far as quality, I’d say smokecartel is the #1 shop to buy your glass water pipes. I’ve purchased at least 4 different bongs from this site and expected to see at least one flaw like it being packaged incorrectly, or it arriving late, but no it has been right on the money every time! And maybe I’m a little bias being that this was the first shop I ever purchased from.

Grassity is ranked #2 because well, it’s grassity so we all know how credible this shop is. It’s one of the largest online shops on the web and has a huge variety of really cool bongs. I’ve never had issues with this company other than the fact my piece arrived 3 days later than expected.

Badassglass is a really cool headshop as well, they’ve been around for some time now,  which is why I ranked it #3. They’ve got plenty of variety, and you can find a lot of unique pieces here.

Dankstop is ranked #4, now don’t let ranking confuse you. Dankstop is one of the best shops to purchase your bongs from, and it is extremely credible. In all my time ordering from this site I’ve never had any issues with the quality or arrival date, however, I rank it 5th because I noticed that some of the items I purchased were missing at the time of delivery.

Kings-Pipes is ranked #5, but again don’t let the ranking confuse you. Kings-Pipes has definitely proven itself to be a great choice to purchase really cheap high-quality grinders from, and it is extremely credible. In all my time ordering from this site I’ve never had any issues with the quality or arrival date, however, I rank it 5th because I noticed that some of the items I purchased were missing at the time of delivery just like with dankstop.

Keep in mind that a lot of these “flaws” are just a part of ordering online. Unfortunately, sometimes mistakes are made, but that’s all they are, just mistakes. These are just my personal experiences but I can tell you that if it’s on this list, you won’t regret your experience.

24 thoughts on “Best Places to Buy Bongs Online

  1. This is an excellent review, and a great reference. I usually go to kings pipes for my bong needs but I’ll be sure to check out dhgate and the others. Things sweep across the marketplace based on utility, and you my friend are at the forefront of an evolutionary change across civilization.

  2. Hi Gabriel!

    That’s cool information! I’ve always looked for bongs on local stores, but it’s hard to find places with a wide range of them.

    These online shops look awesome! I’ll look into them more thoroughly to see what they have to offer, which for sure will be a lot more than those other little stores.

    Thanks for the info, man! 😉


  3. Wow this is great info. I usually order from dankstop, but will be sure to try out dhgate. I much prefer ordering bongs online as they are much more reputable than local stores. The beginning of a new era — who thought we would ever be buying bongs online! Thanks!

  4. This page is sick man! Finally a website that actually answers some questions I wanna know, you’d be surprised how hard it is to find info on some of this stuff.

    I usually purchase my glassware on grasscity but I’m definitely gonna bookmark this for future reference, thanks again!

  5. Hello,
    Great reviews. I’m actually in the market for a new vaporizer, but hey, another bong won’t hurt…

    That’s how it always starts, hey? I love seeing a lot of Marijuana based content these days. Canada is going to be officially legalized in July, and I think it’ll be a huge wave of new “traffic” when that happens. So good on you for getting on that wave before it starts!
    Once again, thanks for the reviews. I’ll check out the inventory they have on those sites.

    All the best,

  6. I really love your whole entire website. Its a coincidence maybe because I am in need of a brand new water bong. I use medicinal marijuana for postpartum depression, anxiety, stress, my back aches and insomnia. I used to have a hello kitty water bong but it broke 🙁 Such a tragedy but YAY for medicinal marijuana and the prohibition being over ( in california that is )

  7. Gabriel,

    I seriously love this site man. Being an active patient my self I never know where to find the right pieces and truly how to shop. Where do you recommend I look for cleaning kits? I always notice that my pipes get very dirty and need a good rinse. Thanks again man.

  8. Hey Gabriel,

    You have written a really relevant and helpful article about glass water pipes. I used to buy them from local stores which often lack varieties and also charge high.

    Now you have shown me 5 new sites for them, I really appreciate it. There are soo many varieties of pipes I saw there.

    Thank you so much. 🙂

  9. Bookmarked! My wife has a nerve disease and uses Medical Marijuana to help her pain. We go through all kinds of different pipes and bongs to help her. I didn’t even realize you could look this up on-line. LOL. We will be back! Do you have other pipes as well or only plan glass bongs?

  10. I went through and checked all the different sites that were available, and my favorite was Dankstop! Not only do I love the name, but the site was very easy to navigate through and had many products I was looking for on sale. This website has been growing a lot, and I wish you nothing but the best of luck. 🙂

    1. Hey Ryan!

      I’m glad you liked dankstop they’ve got some pretty cool pieces on there so hopefully you’ll find something good! Come back soon!

  11. I recently broke my favorite glass bong that I’ve had for years. I’ve been trying to find one similar, but they just don’t seem to make them like that anymore. I generally like the selection I find online, but the prices seem to be a bit insane. I came across your post and it really helped me narrow down the options and find a decent, affordable glass bong. I loved the ones on smokecartel, but my favorites were all sold out! It must be popular. So I’m going with one from grasscity – they have a sale for the next 11 hours anyway. Thanks for the awesome suggestions!

  12. Gabriel,

    I am back again! I went ahead and checked some of the other sites that you have mentioned as well. So far dankstop is my favorite, but I did check out grassity and found that website to be awesome as well. I really love your content and hope to see this site continue to grow!

  13. I really like this site.This is a great place to shop for bongs of all kinds and cool vapes . Can you recommend a good cleaning kit for pipes ad bongs? My pipes get pretty dirty and needs a good cleaning every now and then. Overall website is well done. Good job

  14. I mentioned somewhere else that I wanted to get a honeycomb bong for my relative. I was just wondering where is there a good place to order such a bong. It seems like smokecartel is the way to go. They have satisfied your every online order so far so they must be pretty good.

    If I want to get something cheaper next time, I can try kingpipes. Sorry to say, but I like cheap stuff. The missing items from a order is a little worrying, but I am sure they will mail it to me later. It shouldnt be an issue.

    1. Hey Win!

      Yes with kings-pipes there is absolutely nothing to worry about they just don’t have as many reviews, but smoke cartel is the best route to go if you want really high-quality items. But again there are many different options to choose from so either way you go on the list you’ll be fine! 

      I hope this helps, let me know if you have any more questions!

  15. Hi Gabriel,
    This is great mate. I’ve never thought to buy a bong online. Once upon a time, I would only ever use a bong, usually made out of a plastic Orchy bottle, and these were all throwaways when the stench became too strong. Lately, I have gotten used to reefers due to convenience and a change in lifestyle
    However, as you would know it is just not the same I gotta have a new bong and from what i’ve seen here it’s a simple as possible with no invasion of privacy. I look fwd to making a purchase and having it take pride of place in my man cave. It’s sure to impress all my mates and add to the post bong humour
    Well done mate

  16. Very interesting post about bongs. That is great for people who need to use them for medical reasons and those who want to use for leisure to be able to do so by purchasing online. From the sounds of it the selection online is much better than you will ever find in an actual store. This makes it worthwhile to purchase a bong online.

    I never knew such a site existed catering to everything bongs. Great post! Thanks and have a terrific day!

  17. Very interesting posts about bongs, Do you know how I would go about getting one to Australia. Its still very much illegal to possess marijuana in Australia….. very backwards. Even if i can’t get it to Australia its good to know that when the time comes I can easily find a Bong online. Thanks Mate

    1. Hey Marvin! 

      Yes these things are very tricky but it is legal to have a bong or the correct term is “water pipe” in your home so long as it’s used for tobacco, that is if marijuana is illegal in your country or state if you’re in the U.S.

      SmokeCartel actually ships to many countries all over the world and Australia is in that category! Hope this helps!

  18. I`m assuming smokecartel offers the best price followed by grassity I mean the list is base on value for money right? Please correct me if am making a mistake; I personally like the way you review the site one after the other it’s very informative so my next purchase will definitely be with either of these two since I don`t need the delay in delivering my next bong.

    1. Hey Michael!

      As far as price goes I would say there about neck and neck. I literally could go either way with those 2 and I have many times. You won’t regret either one of those sites they have great pieces!

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