Best Dab Torch

Best Dab Torch

Of course, to someone who doesn’t dab on a daily/weekly basis, it wouldn’t make sense to invest in a good quality torch. But for someone who is constantly using it among others, it would make much more sense to just invest in the best dab torch, or at least one of really good quality ones that way it lasts you a couple of years. Trust me, when I buy anything I’m the first one to try and spend the least amount possible, but some things are worth the money in the long run.

That being said, there are many torches that are overpriced without the quality to back it up so I’ve broken down the top 3 torches available for you online:

# 1- Blazer GT 8000 Big Shot Butane Torch

The Blazer GT 8000 Big Shot Butane Torch is by far, in my opinion, the best dab torch on the market. For the most part, it’s a simple, black torch, with a silver nozzle head, but no other torch is a high quality as this one. The way this torch functions no matter how many times you refill it is what makes this torch so great, but if you’re looking for a really flashy torch or one with an awesome design on it, this one might not be for you. I personally think this is the best one to use if you have a quartz banger.

The only con to this torch is that even on the lower settings the flame is still a bit bigger than some would expect, but other than that I don’t have a single complaint. Some of the pros include multiple flame levels, it’s fairly light even though it’s not a tiny torch by any means making it easier to travel with. But I gotta say what separates this torch from any other torch I’ve tried is that it really conserves the butane, meaning that it uses pretty much every last drop that it can while still giving a good enough flame to heat up your rig. In my experience, most torches start to die out when the butane level is low but the flame won’t be steady enough to heat anything at all.

Another great feature on this torch is how quiet it is. Most torches are extremely loud when heating up the glass, but this one is surprisingly not. That along with the big base for steady support, easily #1 in my opinion.



#2-  Xpert’s Flame Dab Torch

Xpert’s Flame originally makes great kitchen torches, but it turns out they’re excellent dab torches as well. These aren’t the smallest torches on the market but they’re not too big to handle. They come in a cool black box, along with a removable base if you need to stand it up. The thing that separates this torch from others in its class is that is has a fuel gauge window. So you know exactly when it needs to be refilled.

If you talk to most people they’ll tell you that torches are pretty expensive, however, this one is a rare entity in the fact that it’s literally the cheapest high-quality torch I’ve seen on the market! It works really well for dabbing and also for anything you would need it to do in the kitchen, and it comes with many cool features like the fuel gauge window as mentioned before, along with an adjustable flame with a safety lock that comes with anti-flare technology.


#3- Newport’s Golden Butane Torch

This really flashy torch is absolutely great for dabbing, and it comes in different sizes ranging from 5.5in to 10in. Now even though this one is smaller than most torches, its size and design are its best quality in my opinion. It’s a really shiny gold torch that has 3 little slits towards the bottom of the nozzle head, along with a sturdy base for stability while standing up. I mean don’t get me wrong it functions great, but the different color selection and its portability are what makes this one of the best torches on the market.

It also comes with a safety lock, an adjustable flame, and a really quick refill system. After each refill, it gives you about 30-40 min of burn time after. Keep in mind that this torch can fit about 1 oz of fluid in it, which is plenty. I’ve been dabbing for quite some time now and I’ve always been impressed with Newport’s brand, and they’re normally priced decently in my opinion.



19 thoughts on “Best Dab Torch

  1. Came across you site a while back and based on your recommendation I got myself a Blazer GT 8000 Big Shot Butane Torch.
    this thing is everything you said it was, I love it! it goes easy on the butane as well which for me is good cause i use it all the time.
    just wanted to thank you for the recommendation, great product!

  2. This site offers enough information about a particular product to enable the buyers to decide on what brand is the best. The presentation is good enough to attract the buyers as well as the site visitors to make another visit to the site.

    Keep it up and congratulations for owning and building this nice site,

  3. Dabbing is the new black 🙂 It’s just marijuana porn for my eyes wtching people hitting big dabs!!

    Xpert’s Flame Dab Torch seems very cool and the fact that it lasts 30-40 mins just makes it anoption to buy more willingly. Would you also suggest other water pipes that would be wise to choose specifically for dab??

    1. Definitely man dabbing is only gonna get more and more attention over the years to come bro! But yeah if you check out my high-quality dab rigs page, there are 3 really good ones I talk about on there but if you check out the price, you’ll see they have more options there available for you too. Let me know if you have any questions!

  4. Great site with great product reviews. Your recommended items are really cool. I am really planning to own one Blazer GT 800 Big shot Butane Torch very soon.
    I hope this product will fulfill my expectations as its features are really great.
    Other torch brands you have recommended are also great and cool.
    Thank you for reviewing these great products.

  5. Gabriel,

    I’m back again man! This dab torch is literally going to go PERFECT with my rig. I want to thank you so much for making this article. It’s always hard finding a good torch because it usually runs out of fuel too quick and is a bit small. Hope this will last me a good bit 🙂

  6. I have been exploring your site in an attempt to educate myself. I’ve been exploring edibles since it’s been legal here, and I only started really getting into smoking this past year. Sorry if my newbie questions get annoying. 🙂

    So I came across this page and now I’m all curious about dabbing. How does it compare to smoking or edibles? I imagine it must be a pretty good high for it to be gaining popularity. Do you have a particular recommendation for where a beginning dabber would start as far as equipment goes? I already have a torch, just by chance because I use it in cooking.

    1. Hi Sunny!

      I’m glad you found this site helpful! And just so you know there is no such thing as a dumb questions so ask away! Lol but to answer your question, I would start off with a basic rig, and some basic dabbing tools(dabber, torch, and of course your concentrates). Other than that you should be set! If you wanna look at some dabbing tools here’s a good starting point.

      If you’re looking for a dab rig for beginners I would start here and work your way around until you find something you like.

      Hope this helps!

  7. Hi Gabriel:

    I have been smoking, eating cannabis for 50 years but I have never heard of a dab torch. I think it’s so cool that this industry is spawning so many new ideas.

    I especially love the Newport’s Golden Butane Torch – that looks really awesome!

    My question is – do you use these with bongs? What are some of the other uses.


  8. Sorry for my ignorance but can you use this torches for other means? It just looks a bit dangerous to use these torches just to smoke. Do they have safety mechanism? Can’t you just use a lighter to do this job? I have never dabbed before though so maybe it’s easier than it looks. 

    1. Hey Nir!

      No worries it’s understandable. So torches aren’t necessarily related to drugs because they were initially intended for cooking fancy dishes, but when oil concentrates came around it became the only thing you can you to get the nail hot enough because a lighter won’t cut it.

      As far as safety mechanisms, they are very safe. Anything can be deemed unsafe if used irresponsibly, but if you are only using it properly it’s very user friendly and small so you can control it constantly.

  9. Great info on dabbing torch. Well I have used Blazer GT torch but did not know about Xpert’s Flame and Newport’s Golden Butane Torch. After reading reviews of the below 2 torch, I would certainly like to give it a try.

    Although I’m not sure whether they would prove to be as efficient as Blazer GT and right now I really need one, so would like to get either Xpert’s Flame or Newport’s golden butane. Which would be the best according to you, in terms of usage and price? 

  10. Of course, I am totally in love with the Newport’s Golden Butane Torch! It totally fits my style. Unfortunately, it doesn’t fit my pocketbook! 

     Xpert’s Flame Dab Torch matches my needs and my wallet! It just doesn’t look as awesome! Now I can feel like I am more a part of Dank and Dabby’s life (from the Netflix show Disjointed!)

    Keep on sharing your finds! Visiting your site saves me a lot of time!

  11. Well thought out reviews man. While I’m not personally into dabbing, I think it’s important to present the facts along with personal experience – which you did – in order to help others make an informed choice. I used to dab and smoke back in the day and some of my friends still do it so I like to stay updated on this stuff! Plus I lived in Denver for three years…I get it!

  12. Hi there,

    This is a very helpful article. As a cooking lover, I spend a lot of time in the kitchen and so I know the importance of a torch. This article helped me a lot because it is filled with information on what a person needs to know about using it for dabbing! My friends always tease me about having a torch but not using it the “420” way lol.

    Could you leave maybe like 2 or 3 links of more dab torches that aren’t on this page? Thanks so much in advance!

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