Different types of Glass Water Pipes

Different Types Glass Water Pipes

So as many of you know, there are all sorts of different water pipes out there to choose from, but even as popular as this topic is, you’d be surprised by how hard it is to find good quality info on the majority of the different aspects of bongs, and any questions related to the subject. On this site, I’m going to be explaining all the different types of pipes to help guide you on picking one that best fits not only your style of smoking but also your budget. Now every pipe is unique in its own way, and they are also similar in some ways because while some pipes smoke better than others, in my opinion if you pick one that you really like, you can’t go wrong!

Ceramic Pipes

Ceramic pipes are really cool and unique because they don’t look like your average bong. Unlike any other pipe out there, these pipes are made out of clay and come in many different shapes and sizes. Another cool thing about these pipes is that because they are essentially handmade, they have some awesome designs and exciting colors, masking the fact that it’s a pipe in the first place. In fact, these pipes can even be displayed in the open as art, rather than having to stash it away. The only downside to ceramic pipes is the fact that they are not transparent. So when you’re taking a rip, you never really know how much smoke you’re getting. This also makes it harder to know when your pipe needs to be cleaned, since you can’t see the built-up resin inside like you can with a glass pipe.

Bamboo Pipes

Bamboo pipes are really rare, as they are organic and completely natural. They are made of very strong bamboo, which makes it extremely durable and even harder to break. These water pipes come with many different brands and designs on them. Some of these pipes can come with glass down stems, or even bamboo down stems, making it 100% bamboo. A downside to this pipe is the taste, I personally don’t have a problem with it but many others think this makes the hit not as good, and harsher than some of the other water pipes out there.

Acrylic Pipes (Plastic)

Acrylic Pipes are interesting because of their mobility. These pipes are very easy to travel with as they are usually much smaller than other pipes. This also makes them easy for stashing away if you ever needed to, however, the downside to these kinds of pipes is that they are almost impossible to clean without destroying the material.

Glass Pipes 

And then, there’s glass! Like the majority of you out there, glass pipes are my favorite to smoke out of. Why? Well because if I want the purest, cleanest, most natural hit with no interference with the flavor, then the glass is definitely my #1 option. Also with glass pipes, you can add percolators to help diffuse the smoke making it much easier to hit for those of you who sometimes struggle with big rips… or if you simply just want that smooth feeling every time as I do then these are for you too!

Metal Pipes

Metal pipes are obviously made from metal and last a significantly long time, so if you are one who tends to drop your bong often, maybe metal is the best pipe for you. They’re almost unbreakable, similar to the bamboo bong because of its durability and because all the different designs there are. One of the downfalls with metal pipes is that sometimes after being heated up several times, it gives off a copper kind of taste. Another common downfall with metal pipes is overheating, this mainly pertains to but still just something to look out for. So if you are going to get a metal pipe I recommend getting one that is a decent size.


Hope you guys found this article helpful. Please feel free to leave questions and comments down below and I hope to see you soon!

8 thoughts on “Different types of Glass Water Pipes

  1. Love it! We have a very old ceramic “Tree” with a mushroom cover which covers the bowl. It is ART and was always hidden in plain view when the kids were small. Son has turned us onto Glass.. Yes Much easier to clean and It is also nice with ice. Do you clean with alcohol and salt?
    Having been an old fan of corncob pipes, I am surprised that I never knew about the Bamboo.. I have a bunch of that growing.. maybe I should see what I can create..
    Your article should become very popular with the current trend of legalization..! lets get this normalized and thanks for reminding me to go take a safety break..

    1. Hi Shelly! Yes the alcohol and salt will break down all the built up resin in your bong and will have it looking good as new after a few good shakes.

  2. Thank you for listing off all the different types of water pipes available. My friend has been searching for a new pipe to use, but has been having a hard time picking. I really like how there are glass pipes available and they help diffuse the smoke. I will have to let my friend know.

  3. Didn’t know there were that many different types of bongs.

    I liked the fact that the ceramic pipes can be left out as art and nobody would realise that its actually a bong.

    I have only used the glass one. After reading this I think I’ll just stick with the glass bong since I do appreciate the fact that it doesn’t affect the taste.

    Great stuff, keep up the good work!

  4. I have 2 questions, maybe dumb ones but I’m gonna ask anyway! It’s been a WHILE since I smoked & I just got on my state’s MM program. First: do all bongs/water pipes have the “shotgun hole” on them? And what is a “percolator”? Thanks so much in advance!

    1. Hey Stacy!
      I don’t believe there is such a thing lol, but if by “shotgun hole” you mean a carb, then all bongs and water pipes have a carb. The only pieces that won’t have a carb is a regular pipe, and even majority of pipes nowadays come with a carb.
      To answer your 2nd question, a percolator is a device on a bong that helps filter the smoke better making the hit much smoother. Check out this page on different percolator bongs if you want to learn more. https://glasswaterpipes.org/different-bong-percolators

      Hope this helps!

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